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So an hour or so ago I remembered that one of the bread loaves was dated two days back. It smelled only slightly stale, no visible signs of mold, and being the sort that hates seeing food go to waste I decided to make five grilled cheese.


I think one had tomato, onion, and a slice of America, the one after that was the same with a few cheeseballs added in, the next had tomato, onion, and shredded mozzarella, and the remaining two were just onion and American with I think one also having some shredded mozzarella added. Or both. Point is that's all in my stomach now. Also an end piece of bread.


Thing is, I took a look at the other loaf and that's ALSO dated two days back, so hey, yeah... I'm not that hungry.


Oh boy, pain!!

So last night was kinda crappy as far as sleeping goes. My right leg kept having spasms, and then later I was having more of that lucid nonsense making the ventilation sound several times louder and creepier, and I laid on my right side in trying to get it to go away.


So I wake up this morning with the right side of the back of my neck and the right shoulder near that spot hurting! And it still hurts! Hooray!


I'm hoping I just pulled something and it's just sore from that. And that there will be less pain tomorrow. Moving in certain ways kinda sucks at the moment. Yeah.


I saw the button and then vaguely remembered starting one, which I had! And then apparently promptly forgot about.


So yeah... blog... blog... what to blog about.


Ah, I had a chicken patty sandwich earlier. Had two patties, cheese, and mashed potatoes on a bun. Was pretty great until I bit down on a tiny bone / piece of hard fat, which is kind of an appetite wrecker. Didn't help that I thought I picked it out of my mouth, then realized it wasn't in the wad after swallowing what was still in. Now my stomach feels as uncertain as my brain, but it might just be my imagination.


... Yep.



Saw the blog option, so I thought "what the hell, I'll start a blog here".


The rules state that I can't mention anything sexually oriented, so that might limit what I have to blog about... but I'll think of something!




Just not now.

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