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Five grilled cheese and an end piece



So an hour or so ago I remembered that one of the bread loaves was dated two days back. It smelled only slightly stale, no visible signs of mold, and being the sort that hates seeing food go to waste I decided to make five grilled cheese.


I think one had tomato, onion, and a slice of America, the one after that was the same with a few cheeseballs added in, the next had tomato, onion, and shredded mozzarella, and the remaining two were just onion and American with I think one also having some shredded mozzarella added. Or both. Point is that's all in my stomach now. Also an end piece of bread.


Thing is, I took a look at the other loaf and that's ALSO dated two days back, so hey, yeah... I'm not that hungry.


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