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      When writing thread for stories in the Interactive Unrealities section please do so off-site using something like Word or Notepad before posting. This way should something happen when you submit, you will not lose any work.   Also when using Word, please preview your post before submitting. In the past there was an issue with Word's "Smart Quotes" being converted to garbage characters. Though this should no longer be a problem it's best to find out before hand rather than have to make a bunch of edits.

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  2. People lower their sunglasses to get a better look at something. If I do that, I can't see a damn thing. :P

  3. @SpamOManOSpam @PetanoPrime You can find it on font sites as well. It's called Pricedown. Yeah, I'm a font nerd. :3

  4. At least I put it out there, yo : P
  5. Want to make an Afterbattle? Do you feel that one pairing didn't have enough of a clash? That justice was not done to a character? That another special fight should be in order? For whatever reason you may do so, spin such a yarn and then post it here, or start your own topic and do so there. It does not even need to be a fight, it could just be a slice of life in the Garden. Who will rise to the challenge, I wonder!?
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