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  2. @NintendoAmerica @PantheonSasuke I'm on team "How about a sequel after 20 years?"

  3. Rock music needs more bagpipes.

  4. 2017-08-13 – ODN Falchion Beta Progress https://t.co/dOckZxV7VP https://t.co/BqLMaGNQ7y

  5. Sasuke1986

    Yep...Still here.

    I remember something like that, but I thought it had to be undone since the merger unleashed a horde of spambots from their internet seal?
  6. KaizenNeko

    Yep...Still here.

    Don't be surprised there are threads that old. Remember this merged The Asylum & the BBN Forums way back when.
  7. @damnglitch That doesn't make sense since you were the OP. But at any rate I'd rather drop it or take it private.

  8. Sasuke1986

    Yep...Still here.

    I guess if the request was for deletion then you're not at liberty to discuss what the thread was about nor the requester. 2004's a ways back, though. I might've not thought of there being threads that old if not for the MILF MIFF being back to 2002. EDIT: Scratch that first part, too, I kept scrolling down the twits and saw that the requester was from out of the blue, too XP Also I probably shouldn't be nosy, ehhhh...
  9. @damnglitch Because it was so old, I figure it was some angsty teenage bullshit spouted off after a first breakup, after I did a quick look.

  10. KaizenNeko


    This was closed a while ago for lack of use.
  11. KaizenNeko

    Yep...Still here.

    I got a request out of the blue to delete a thread from 2004. That was a thing. I found out that I forgot to set up permissions so that was a thing. I also upgraded to a new version of the forum software! So that happened.
  12. @SpamOManOSpam I remember when GamePro showed Final Fantasy 5 being released as FF3 stateside, and a FF7 demo on N64 using FF6 characters.

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