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  1. People lower their sunglasses to get a better look at something. If I do that, I can't see a damn thing. :P

  2. @SpamOManOSpam @PetanoPrime You can find it on font sites as well. It's called Pricedown. Yeah, I'm a font nerd. :3

  3. There's a button on your profiles that says "Edit my Profile" Sorry, I didn't realize those fields were made only editable by Admins by default. I've changed them to be user editable now.
  4. Deed sumeune-a sey Svedeesh? Bork Bork Bork!
  5. I only took up hosting the MIFF board and site, I wasn't a participant.
  6. For me, there's not a whole lot to see. A few buildings and farms. I don't know where everyone else build and who did what.
  7. Same ol' same ol' for me...just less motivated than before. I forgot we had a emote. FINKRATS!!
  8. Since I can't find the old thread, I'll make a new one. While in the process of redoing the BOTP logos in super high-res, I made a little side project with them. These may or may not get used at some point in the future for something. (If you've seen these already, the BOTP5 version is new.)
  9. minecraft

    No, they dug a lava pit under my little shack so I would spawn in and burn to death. There wasn't much on the map aside from that, so it really never warranted keeping around.
  10. minecraft

    Server World 1 Started in Minecraft Alpha 1.1.2_01, just before the update that added the Nether, as my personal single-player world. I got the idea to have a Minecraft server and used this as a starting map. Fun fact: There was a server map just prior to this one that didn't have much on it, but it was griefed and deleted. This world lasted though a large number of updates to Minecraft. At some point during the updates from Minecraft Alpha to Beta, a LOT of the world got changed to Ice Plains and Ice Mountains. This was one of the primary reasons this world was mothballed and we went to a new map. Also Release 1.0 was came out with it's new biomes and features, that was the other main factor. Server World 2 World 2 started pretty much as soon as Minecraft 1.0 was released. Originally it was run on a multi-world setup with the first world. After a while in an effort to reduce lag it was converted to a single world and the original world was taken down. I personally think this world was cheapened by using Multiverse and importing builds from the previous world. BOTH of these worlds were built mostly with a server plugin that added a warp command. These download ARE NOT setup for any of that. These are downloads are packaged as a purely vanilla world. I'll throw some screenshots of the worlds up at another time.
  11. Historicity.
  12. Ni Hao
  13. I've disabled the skins on the board for the time being.
  15. If set up two new ways to sign in to the forums. You can now use Google and Steam accounts to sign in. We still have the Twitter and Facebook linked logins available as well. To prevent them from trying to set up a new forum account when you try to use them, please login with your Forums account first and go to Edit my Profile. You will find two new options on the sidebar called Manage Google and Manage Steam. Use these to associate your accounts first. Then you will be able to use these in the future.