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  1. 2017-08-13 – ODN Falchion Beta Progress https://t.co/dOckZxV7VP https://t.co/BqLMaGNQ7y

  2. Yep...Still here.

    I got a request out of the blue to delete a thread from 2004. That was a thing. I found out that I forgot to set up permissions so that was a thing. I also upgraded to a new version of the forum software! So that happened.
  3. Yep...Still here.

    Don't be surprised there are threads that old. Remember this merged The Asylum & the BBN Forums way back when.
  4. @damnglitch That doesn't make sense since you were the OP. But at any rate I'd rather drop it or take it private.

  5. @damnglitch Because it was so old, I figure it was some angsty teenage bullshit spouted off after a first breakup, after I did a quick look.

  6. Reminder

    This was closed a while ago for lack of use.
  7. @SpamOManOSpam I remember when GamePro showed Final Fantasy 5 being released as FF3 stateside, and a FF7 demo on N64 using FF6 characters.

  8. People lower their sunglasses to get a better look at something. If I do that, I can't see a damn thing. :P

  9. @SpamOManOSpam @PetanoPrime You can find it on font sites as well. It's called Pricedown. Yeah, I'm a font nerd. :3

  10. Hell I'm technically an amateur graphic designer and ∗I∗ know Tahoma in 3D looks like ass. Hell why not use Comic Sans you hack?

  11. I really want to add cat ears to my hard hat... Because REASONS! (I won't though.)

  12. My superhero/villan name would likely end up "Lord Lethargic"

  13. Isolated Blurt Thread

    I have a sausage in my hair!
  14. RT @ArtoftheTitle: Want to bring back MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000? There's a Kickstarter for that.https://t.co/mJ9Q3Y7eLm #MST3K https://…

  15. You tiny brained wipers of other people's bottoms, I FART in your general direction! #MontyPythonQuotes

  16. ...moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere moo moo.

  17. So earlier this month I got hit by acute sinusitis which had me really messed up. I'm still fighting it to some degree, but over the worst.


  19. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #TheRiddlersWardrobe

  20. I was able to have all of my stuff from the bad drive save for some Steam stuff. New drive is in and files are almost done restoring.

  21. Just got good news. I'm mostly healthy aside from eating crap food and being fat.