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  1. At least I put it out there, yo : P
  2. Pretty sure I had commented on this to you personally in a messenger (probably AIM) when you first posted this... nearly six years ago, ugh, but it bugs me that I hadn't left anything here then, sooo... let's change that now that I've reread it after all this time. Still interested in seeing more, yo. It's a pretty engaging angle, putting Gabe in a situation where he needs to deal with adolescents and the range of actions adolescents have, being in an impressionable and somewhat confusing part of their lives and all. He'd have to come up with solutions to the kinds of responses he'd get from his students, as well as coping with the consequences of those solutions, and this is something I can see him having some potential trouble with given the more stubborn (and violent) people and events he's experienced prior leaving little room for working things out with words. Things have a good enough start here, but the school year can bring out all kinds of things, and not always of the enjoyable persuasion. ... Mind, this is all said assuming this aspect of the story has been retained. Been a while and all, ha ha... ha... agh.
  3. And I guess that's all I have to really say at the moment.
  4. Gotta drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  5. I never thought the day would come where I'd have more posts than DG.
  6. So months back, heck, getting a few months short a year now, DamnGlitch had brought up a certain manga. I took note of it, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I checked it out. And it kinda wrecked my sleep schedule from being too good to get away from. Now I'm normally into cheerier bits... heck, last time I spoke of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou which is basically a delightful, yet also subtly melancholic, slice-of-life story, but Pluto just goes too well for me to be deterred by its tragedies. That's not to say it doesn't have it's happy moments, but it's overall a dark tale about one detective's efforts to unmask a killer who targets human and robot alike, and things just sort of growing out from there. I don't wanna keep carrying on, though, so I'll just give the link DG had offered, or something at least similar to it. My only beef with it is that the translation changes near the end and starts making more goofs, but it wasn't something that bothered me too much. But really, if you got the time to burn, give Pluto a look, yo.
  7. So... is 'KaizenNeko' still holding up well, yo ? And what IS the history behind Outerverse / Outer Universe, other than being the former name of your site? If you told me before it must have gone and fallen out of my noodle by now.
  8. Hooraaaaaaaay
  9. Well, nuts... though I guess I could've figured that out for myself by just paging through the story posts, d'oh.
  10. If I haven't done so already, I feel it must be stated that this thread had at one point been called the Isolated Blurt Thread. I think there might've been another topic of the sort from the past that it got merged with, also. Yep.
  11. Man, I hate it when I get an answer to something and then, like, not respond. Chances are I saw this and meant to respond, but put it off and thus forgot about it entirely. Or maybe I saw it and thought it was one of those instances where an answer's given, but any kind of thanks or acknowledgement of it would be too brief to merit the time spent typing and time spent by others to view it? I'm pretty unclear on all these unwritten rules of etiquette regarding internet socializing, yo. Anyway, sorry to hear that there doesn't seem to be much about. I remember there being a few instances of hullabaloo going on regarding certain updates and changes to the server and world and all. Has anything come of that?
  12. Prt.
  13. Hooray! Profile options for the people, woo! (thanks, yo)
  14. I'm sure DG would approve of this statement if he came back to the board. As well as the title this thread had a week or so ago.
  15. I was trying to update some aspects of my profile but can't seem to access certain fields that are displayed, namely the Biography and Occupation, though there might be more. I mean, I'd kinda like to change the implications of poor self-care when my hygienic rituals have actually improved, yo.