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  1. Alldogship

    Megaman 10

    We know the endings, why play more for no reason? To add to Neko's blah blah: -Sigma's Apocalypse ended by the use of Mother Elf and her cyber-elves. -Some dude reverted back Zero to its factory settings (cataclysm kill all robots form) and fused him with a corrupted Mother Elf with mutated powers. This made the Omega Apocalypse that killed 90% of reploids, 40% of humans and drained almost all of the planet resources. -Ending: Zero Mark 2 killed anyone still relevant to the MegaMan series. And he dies! The Fucking End!! Go care about something else!
  2. Wait! They in 1h30? No wonder it sucked.
  3. Is "The last air bender sucks" a new internet meme? I remembered the cartoon and tried imagined how it could be crammed in 1h30. I can't.
  4. Alldogship

    Nerd rage time: E3 2010 edition

    The thing is that the 3 gaming platform companies knows that we are reaching the ceiling of the graphic quality that people care about (Nintendo didn't try to go there yet, idiots). Games with 2D graphics are still here, retro is still in and look at the newest games for Xbox360 and PS3. Soon, a better gaming console hardware will only be for higher resolution and new peripherals. Graphic power is no longer innovative unless the game dev makes it innovative. With that in mind, they will add more and more new/weird/innovative/useless/bulky peripherals until they sell mostly locked computers like the iPhone and iPad OS. That's my rant toward the 3 console publishers. I agree with Sasuke and SB about the games. Same old, same old. the thing is I think I will not buy the next Zelda. I'm scared it's the same "find dungeon based on a theme + puzzle + get dungeon item + get key + use the dungeon item that is only useful to kill this boss and is crap everywhere else" and repeat with some story in between dungeons.
  5. Alldogship

    Nerd rage time: E3 2010 edition

    It's a boring rage. It's art. I was remembering the old discussions about the next gen (now the current gen) consoles and how nerdy we sounded and fought. I thought it would be fitting.
  6. Alldogship

    Nerd rage time: E3 2010 edition

    It's that time again: E3. ... ... ... That's how much I care.
  7. Alldogship

    Message from Neko, yo.

    People still have porn on paper? How retro. Good recovery Neko.
  8. Alldogship

    Isolated Blurt Thread

    Quoted for truth.
  9. Alldogship

    Man, so not cool

    Oh man. You should have seen your face. lol.
  10. Alldogship

    Isolated Blurt Thread

    Best comic book quote ever: "Knife to the eye!!" Insert the phrase in any conversation to look cool instantly.
  11. Alldogship

    Isolated Blurt Thread

    Hamster in a ball
  12. Alldogship

    Ah...What to do when there are decisions to make?

    When I went to buy Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations EB Games (or gamestop, same people), I exchanges 4 DS games I've never wanted to play again ever. Because I was lucky there was special extra $ for each game returns that week (or month) and got 55$ in store credits. That's when I decided to preorder Metroid. Now for your question, I've read enough reviews of FF13 to tell you that I would rent it in 10 years for the lulz like I did for FF7 a few years ago. If you like lesbian twin sisters scissoring to form a bike and do a threesome with some guy, ebay your shit and buy it.
  13. Alldogship

    Isolated Blurt Thread

    Let's give this thread a jump start. Dildo sword FUSION!!!!!
  14. Alldogship

    No More Heroes 2

    Two letters: QA
  15. Alldogship

    No More Heroes 2

    Back to the original topic. CRASH!!!!!!! I learned to hate the Wii and I apologise to everyone I have debated against when the Wii was first announced. It's a really, really awful console. As bas as the amount of crap Microsoft's Xbox 360 compliance team are letting through. Zing!