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  1. Hmm, Minecraft.

    Leg is better yes. And I've been pulling more of an ISH lately with my getting online . Am back at work, both jobs, and doing well. Leg is still a bit weak though. But yes, I am alive.
  2. Hmm, Minecraft.

    I have been interested in checking out the game recently. Do you have to pay to get it? I really don't know much about it other than it is kinda like a Lego type game where you build what you want, and for some reason it has zombies...But yeah, also considering looking at the game. Oh...A boo SB
  3. Mac.

    Its possible I made a post like this awhile back...But I can't remember. But that is one of the things I've noticed about this store at least. Its like how I described every time I've gone in there. I'm sure there are bad Mac stores out there. But for this store, they write the book on customer service. I really am not exaggerating really. Their CS is the best I have ever seen anywhere.
  4. Mac.

    Well, I am now, officially, a Mac fan. Biggest reason? The people down at the store who actually want to help you. I bought a new MacBook Pro, yes very expensive good bye tax refund all in one swoop, on Monday. Last night we go in for a thing they call One to One where basically they give you lessons on how to use the new stuff if your switching over from a PC. While there, we find out that the brand new MacBook Pros had just launched that day. The standard processor in the one I had got on monday was a 2.66 Dual Core...The standard in all the new ones were Quad Core, so a rather nice leap in power. They traded out my comp that I had bought on Monday for the newer version for no cost, and helped me transfer all my files and settings for free. There wasn't any crying about the hassle of returning anything like I have gotten at every other place I have been. I think it was worth dropping 2k on this thing just for the customer service. And so far, I really haven't hit any issues with wanting to do something that my PC could that my Mac can't. And if I do, well, I have a full copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, I'll just load that up and do what I want with it. I think the new purpose for my old laptop has become "Target Practice."
  5. SOB.

    Sweet, thanks. Not as much as I was hoping for, but enough to help.
  6. SOB.

    Went to see the doctor today, post op checkup. Got the staples out of my leg, which wasn't as bad as I was worried it would be. Got to see an X-ray of my leg with the new addition of the titainium rod inside it, which honestly looks kinda cool. Anyway. Word from the doc is 4 more weeks of no weight on my leg, 12 weeks until I can get back to work at least. Still no word on how much I'll get for a new car, which is ok as I'm not taking classes anymore this semester. But so, will be bed ridden for a bit longer.
  7. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Doc, I'm not going to give the alien baby a cold...I'm just going to go in there, step on its neck, and shoot it in the head. Cause thats how I roll.
  8. SOB.

    lol, Sauske. I liked the last suggestion...Alot. But nah, the water thing was an accident. I'll live, just albeit very painfully.
  9. SOB.

    Yeah, that was exactly what went through my mind when I woke up in my car. "Yes! I've beaten OV!" And yeah. Today everybody was over for my brother Daniel's birthday, he is home from overseas in the army. Oh yeah, and he is a jackass...He hasn't actually said 3 words to me since he got here. Complained plenty though. Anyway. Somebody left the kitchen faucet on. Being the only one home, they had all left to some irish pub for Dan's b-day, I had to get up and hobble my way in there to turn it off, and then hobble back to the couch. Suffice it to say, I laid there for about 20 min, crying. But am alive. Oh yeah, I haven't wanted to shoot somebody more than whenever I try to stand up...Stupid jackass looking at his GPS instead of actually driving his freaking car...
  10. Isolated Blurt Thread

    That was interesting...
  11. SOB.

    Yeah, pretty much one car makes the I part of the T, and the other makes the - part of the T. And they meet at some rather fast speeds... Anyway, if I could get up to get to the Wii, that would be a viable option. ATM, I'm stuck watching Netflix on my Xbox, or playing Splintercell Conviction. Not that I'm complaining as that is a great game and Netflix is teh awesome. But it doesn't leave a lot of variety atm...Could play Dead Space 2, but I don't really want to play that while I'm alone and imobile lol, and I don't think its a good game to play around my mom. Oh and as for recovery, am not really sure. Maybe around 6 weeks...But really I don't know.
  12. SOB.

    Well, guess what I had happen to me early Monday morning? Some incredibly intelligent (note sarcasm) guy decided to check his GPS after turning in front of me. So I T-Boned him. Have been in the hospital for the last few days with a broken leg. Am home now, but damn this hurts...Broke both bones in the bottom half of my right leg, in the same spot. So doctors cut into me and inserted a metal rod through the bone marrow of one of them. So its set, and should set the other too, without the need for a cast. Have lots of pain meds though. Feels kinda funny...One bone isn't set, so can feel it moving. Doesn't hurt, but feels funny as heck... Anyway...Thats the update for my life. Last we knew the police hadn't decided who was at fault, although I'm pretty sure it was the other driver. He admitted to not watching the road. As to why I'm certain it was his fault and not mine. The road I was driving in is actually in plans to be turned into a freeway, so its north and southbound lanes are divided from eachother. Where the lights are is going to be the offramps in a couple years. But so the two lights to get on Northbound and Southbound are linked together. If one is red, the other is red. He claimed to have turned left off of the road I was traveling on, which had a green light, then looked down to his GPS. So, if the Northbound lane he pulled off of was green, my Southbound lane should also have been green for me, and therefore when he turned onto the other road in front of me, it should have been red for him. (Confused yet?) Anyway, this is my reasoning through why it couldn't have been me who ran a red light. And if I'm not to blame, then my insureance, I'm hoping, should stay relatively stable. And if dickhead (Who, BTW, walked away from that accident) gets his insurance hiked up in price, well, it'll be a small win for me I guess.
  13. The Birthday Badger

    Missed this post yesterday...So happy late Birthday Badg!
  14. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Nobody move! I lost a duck...
  15. Did you know...

    lol, maybe you missed where I said that this post obviously belonged in a different forum. But that was one of the joys of writing it lol