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  1. DamnGlitch

    Sooo... we up to anythin' these days?

    for instance: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148886&cm_sp=MyNewegg-_-TopSel-_-Pst02Descrip
  2. DamnGlitch

    Sooo... we up to anythin' these days?

    Western Digital is pretty standard. The GOFlex OV is talking about is Seagate. I have both, and they hit at basically the same price. Whichever is the better deal, basically.
  3. DamnGlitch

    Sooo... we up to anythin' these days?

    That sucks dude. Honest to god you should really see about getting a part time job and buying something that's not a hunk of junk. I'm sure there's some way to fix what you have but we are a country apart basically and I've never been good at dictating tech support As for the HDD yeah that sucks balls. There were massive flood in thailand last year that basically crippled the HDD market, so prices have been way up from before. That said you should be able to find a 1TB for about 100 if you find the right sale. Those prices will probably back to pre flood come fall.
  4. DamnGlitch

    Speak of the devil: Fans attempting to update Metroid 2

    I'm guessing the other one probably got taken down at the request of Nintendo, or the project fell apart, as they are wont to do. This guy seems intent on have all original sprite (though since they are still of nintendo's intellectual property I doubt that'd save them from a TD request.) This seems cool but all and all I'd still prefer a nintendo driven one so I can, you know, play it on my DS or something.
  5. Given that the PS2 largely drove DVD adoption as a backdoor DVD player, I guess it wasn't that surprising that the PS3 would do the same. Also that article was a crock of shit there is tons of porn on Bluray.
  6. So earlier today Badger, JeffK and I awere chatting about various video gameu wherein i was griping about how the portrayal of Samus has been in the last few years. Somewhere in the middle of my griping I made the complaint that of all the games that could use a remake, Metroid 2: RoS needs it the most. Between the tiny screen, lack of features, and how it's a big entry that as far as I know is almost completely ignored in this day in age, it seems like a prime target. I got a @ comment that revealed exactly what I was looking for: http://metroid2remake.blogspot.com Apparently these fans are putting together a modern (Super Metroid / Metroid Fusion looking) version of Metroid 2. They've got a demo out, and it looks very nice. Hopefully they will continue at a steady rate and the finished version will be out shortly. Give it a look, y'all MDbMB rejects
  7. DamnGlitch

    Sooo... we up to anythin' these days?

    Seems the answer is "not much " I think you are MIA at the moment. I'm between inspirations ATM so I've not been doing very much at all that's productive.
  8. I still don't have a dedicated br player and hd dvd has been dead for fuckkin 3 years. I do like the implication that at any point ever the UMD might have been more than a gimmick.
  9. DamnGlitch


    Maybe it's just babby's first group gaem, but we tend to play melee more than brawl on the Wii. it's like... I dunno, something feels off about Brawl. The dif between moving memory cards and the built insaving for the wii might be it too. Unlocking characters is fun like once
  10. DamnGlitch

    Mass Effect 2

    It makes sense in a dirty sci fi way. Their species evolves by taking in the genes of other species. this is such an important facet to them that t's taboo for the blue folk to get down with each other. They are also sort of omni sexual; they don't care if their partners are male or female, and they can become pregnant by both male and females, IIRC.
  11. lol sony knew better after Beta than to do this again. UMD started dead but time has told and bluray is here to stay, at least until our telecom networks are completely overhauled.
  12. DamnGlitch

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy

    PSP + flat screen TV + component out cables = hey my Final Fantasy Smash Bros on the big screen. I got the game, held onto it for like 2 years (like all of my psp games) and then game it a few shots. It's fun, looks great. I can't say I really know what I'm doing half of the time. A shame it's not on a console; would love to have side by side opponents. Maybe after 012 they'll push out one for PS3?
  13. DamnGlitch


    So: late ass thoughts on Brawl. I think the single player 'levels were lame, the cutscenes were really cool, sonic coming in seemed like an after thought and after the dramatic entrance was kinda lame, and the amount of new stuff didn't really justify the dev time. Brawl plays almost identically to melee, and the final smash effectiveness is way way WAY different between characters. Some are auto 1 hit kills and others are embarrassing annoyances. I bought this week 1 and played til the characters were unlocked and barely touched it since. It doesn't feel like there's nearly the depth and amount of fun side stuff and challenges you can do as compared to melee.
  14. DamnGlitch

    Resident Evil 4

    TBF Samus was fine as a brunette too. These japanese game makers must be buying bleach in bulk.
  15. DamnGlitch

    Star Trek Online.

    I got through the tutorial and was not particularly impressed. I spent zero dollars tho so it's hard to be mad. It lost connection several times while I was trying to create my character, which meant I had to start over because apparently a moron designed that part.