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  1. Yamato Man

    Neon Genesis Evangelion 2

    I had almost won the Evangelion N64 game a while back on Ebay. Fifty bucks but someone outbid me by a dollar at the last minute.
  2. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    Hey! Another Eva fan! Evangelion is one of my favorite series, along with G Gundam and Escaflowne. I liked End of Eva, though. It left the end up to your imagination, sort of, and I liked that.
  3. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    Mostly just because I didn't want George to be a complete copy of his real character. Asuka comes from a different anime series, Neon Genisis Evangelion. I just liked her more than the princess.
  4. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    *Continuing on...* George sat in the chair, looking down, a heavy expression on his face. Then I can no longer be in this Gundam fight! I will save her at any cost! George cried out with a hint of despair in his voice. (Raymond) But sir, if you leave the tournament you will be considered a traitor and dishonor your country! George paused, an angry look still on his face. (George) I will not entrust my Asuka to the likes of ruffians... but you are right, I cannot leave what I have started. I must serve my country and my duty. George departed from the room. Please, Raymond, take the night off. I won't be requiring any more of your services tonight. The next morning, Raymond got up to prepare George's usual breakfast, consisting of two egg, only the finest quality, and wine. He found a note, written elegantly, with a rose laying beside it: "I apologize in advance for the trouble I may be causing you, my dear Raymond. The country will soon realized I am gone and have taken the Gundam Rose, but I have made up my mind. A true warrior can never stop protecting the one he loves more than anything else, even his country. I have left a considerable sum of money for you in the de Sand bank account. Please take a long vacation and don't worry about me. If I am not to return, you will know I am doing what we both know is right. ~ To my faithful butler, George PS - Thank you for all the years of support and raising me through the hard times. Thank you for teaching me to use my sword. It may come in handy. Inside, Raymond was happy for George. He was glad he had decided to leave. It was, indeed, what a true warrior would do. ************* The Gundam Rose was flying through space. It quickly passed the French space colony. George was saddened that he had to betray his country, but yet he still loved France. Soon he reached the strange-looking portal. He looked back at his Earth, wondering if this would be the last time he would ever see it. Much of the earth's fomer glory was gone, but it was still a place to love. Setting aside his feelings of fear and doubt, George flew through the portal. It would be his mission to find his lover, Asuka, wherever she may be, along with standing up for and honoring his country in every battle. The End Please, give me feeback. This is probably the most invovling story I've written, and it's nice to know what other people think of it.
  5. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    Thanks. I was wondering if anyone was reading it or not. Sorry about it always cutting off, I've been writing it in school during my study period and haven't been able to conclude whenver I want.
  6. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    The city of Paris was nothing of its former glory. Most of the inhabitants had moved to the space colony years ago, and the city had been ravaged by years of Gundam fighting. The Eiffel Tower still stood, but had been damaged during a fight years ago and was bent, leaning to the ground, looking ready to fall at any minute. It was amazing it had lasted as long as it has. The Gundam Rose stood proudly behind the de Sand estate, shining in the sunrise. Never had she looked more beautiful, George thought. She had brought a great sense of pride and patriotism to the people of France, and had brought honor to the country in battle. When George and Raymond went inside, the matters became more serious. (George) How is Asuka in the space colony? Will she be arriving on Earth soon? Raymond hesitated, while looking nervously at the ground. Please, have a seat sir. You may want to be sitting down. I've been meaning to tell you... (George) What is it, Raymond? George became more concerned. (Raymond) After Asuka had left the space colony, the transport ship she was on was abducted by space pirates, the type from Neo Russia and the like. A fierce battle ensued, and most of the people on board were killed by the ruthless pirates. George's face grew angry. Asuka was not one of them, was she? (Raymond) There's more, sir. Recently, the pirates, expirmenting with different technologies and time disruptors, opened a secret portal to another world near the French space colony. During the struggle, the ship Asuka was on board veered off course and flew into the portal. The survivors of the ship are now on the other side, where and whenever that may be, if she survived, of course. I'm sorry, sir. Raymond looked down, sadly.
  7. Yamato Man

    George de Sand's Adventures - The 13th Gundam Fight!

    The two Gundams towered over the high trees of the jungle and the river far below. The Skull Gundam lunged at George in the Gundam Rose, with fists flying. George put Rose into a defensive position, holding the shield covering the Gundam's left arm by his chest and head. Rose flew back and quickly slashed with the fencing saber. The Skull Gundam was hit in the chest and flew back. He jumped forward again, this time kicking George's Gundam right in the chest. The Gundam Rose crashed to the ground of the jungle with a very large thud. Skull Gundam began firing laser shots out of the turret located on top of its head. George managed to block some, but was still hit numerous times. Not so tough now, are you, punk? the pilot mused from inside the cockpit of the Skull Gundam. The skeleton-like mech jumped to the other side of Gundam Rose. George himself was hurt, as the pilot of a Gundam feels whatever damage their mech takes. The chest plate of the Skull Gundam opened up, and out came a large cannon. It started firing streams of acid at George. It landed on Rose's chest. George screamed as he felt it slowly eat through the Gundam's chest. The Skull Gundam picked up Gundam Rose, standing him up next to him. George was in no shape to move, and the pilot wanted to perform his finishing move, where the Skull Gundam shoots flames out of the chest cannon. Flamers! Attack! the pilot of the Skull Gundam yelled, believing he had won. You were a fool to come here to fight me! Right as the flames began shooting out, Rose's shield went up and blocked the flames. What?! ...but I've beaten you! No, it was you who were a fool, Neo Malaysia! You have attacked me dishonorably, while I was on the ground. There is nothing I hate more. You are an unfair fighter and have dishonored your country! George said calmly as the Gundam Rose stood proud. George took two slashes with his fencing sword, and in an instant, both of Skull Gundam's arms had crashed to the ground. Rose Hurricane! The Gundam Rose's shield opened up and hundreds of little missles resembling roses shot out. They formed a cyclone around the Skull Gundam, stunning him. At the same time the missles began hitting the Gundam, George came in with his Gundam's sword and in one clean cut, severed the head of the Skull Gundam, which crashed to the ground right on top of the hut. The body loudly toppled into the trees. And for fighting dishonorably, you have been defeated! George said valiantly. He prepared for the long trip back to France. ************************** When George arrived back at his family's castle, his faithful butler, Raymond, met him. Raymond had served the family for years, and taken care of George since he was a baby. After George's parents died, leaving the family name and estate to George, Raymond was the only person he viewed as family and truly cared for, besides his lover, Asuka. Ah, Sir George. How was your venture to Neo Malaysia? Raymond asked. Quite productive. As a matter of fact, Neo Malaysia is no longer in the Gundam fight on account of their ignorance in picking a Gundam pilot, George replied. Very good, sir. Raymond said, as they headed towards the chateau.
  8. *Note* (I'll continue adding to this whenever I get more time.) George de Sand was on Earth. Earth was were the 13th Gundam tournament was taking place. He had recently departed from the French space colony. His mind thought of his girlfriend, Asuka, and his country. He had just arrived in Neo Malaysia. He was there to challenge that country's Gundam fighter, the ruthless Skull Gundam. The Skull Gundam certainly was odd looking, with it's entire torso being in the shape of a skull, and the arm's and legs had been made to look like they were real bones. The head was, logically, a skull too, with the trademark Gundam V-wing on top. George had came to Malaysia by himself. He was piloting the large ship which held the Gundam Rose inside. He was determined to single-handedly win honor for his nation. Soon he reached a small hut in the jungle, by a river. He landed the ship and headed toward the hut. A strange looking man came out. What do you want? the man asked. Are you not the pilot of your country's fighter, the Skull Gundam? Possibly. And what does a Frenchie like you want of me in the jungle? the man asked again, knowing perfectly well a Gundam fight was at hand. I am the Gundam fighter for Neo France, George de Sand. If you have dignity and respect for your country, you will fight me now in a Gundam fight. Heh heh heh. Don't be so confident in your abilities. the man said, pressing a small button on his belt. The Skull Gundam slowly rose from the river, first the head, then the body and strange-looking legs. Soon it towered about George and the pilot. A large hand came down and picked up the man, and he entered his cockpit in the chest of the Gundam. George called on the Gundam Rose. A large hatch opened in the ship, George entered his Gundam through the same chest cockpit. A Gundam fight was about to begin.