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    ..somewhere very hot, and lots of fire :) it's paradise
  1. Mat_Cauthorn

    Member introductions!!

    thanks for the warm welcome all I shalt do my best to annoy, confuse, and thourghly drive evreyone to insanity in this board
  2. Mat_Cauthorn

    meaningful relationship with yor pet stoner

    lol, my freinds a stoner, and he tends to hallucinate...(just recently, a group of camaflauged agents were following him, but we couldn't see them, cause they were camaflauged, and a red dot wouldn't leave him alone.. he was also chilling, hanging upside down from his bunk bed, with I guess a chicken on his head....) he doesn't tend to make much sense, but it's funny as hell
  3. Mat_Cauthorn

    Yo mama .............. returns

    your momma so fat, she fell out of bed and china felt it
  4. Mat_Cauthorn

    Member introductions!!

    Chicken legs shall take over all vegetable gardens and fruit trees across the world and smash them....I'd say balognie, but I can't spell it, and it doesn't taste good
  5. Mat_Cauthorn


    *sings meow mix commercial for no apparent reason* so now that I finished that, sup all??? I'm fine, how bout you? you're fine too, spiffy.... (and no, I'm not talking to the voices in my head, I'm talking to the demons on my shoulders )
  6. Mat_Cauthorn

    Member introductions!!

    yeah, I'm a perfectly well adjusted teen I'm a chronic depresive who despite that hides it inside himself by laughing all the time, and I have 2 bipolar people in my family, so I'm a little messed up... :)