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  1. Osprid

    Mg 1 and 2

    im looking for an emulator that plays "Metal Gear 1" and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake". I just beat MGS 3 and am looking to get the whole story. Ive tried downloading it from this site "http://classicmg.tripod.com/downloads.html" but no luck. If anybody has any suggestions about trouble shooting the one i have, or a completly new one that would be great. Thanks.
  2. Osprid

    Member introductions!!

    Im doing good, still at Pius, looking at Art colleges, hoping to go to Boston. Not much else, how about you?
  3. Osprid

    jumping in

    so yeah, im gonna jump right in to this board. Check out this game http://www.ogame.org its a super fun, do nothing, online game.
  4. Osprid

    Member introductions!!

    so whats going on, used to go here a lot, and on this visit, there happened to be a board. Can i assume Random Bored is pretty popular? so yeah, hi.