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    Chapter 012: Adrift and Helpless - By FireNexus

    Steve scanned and panned around, looking for something he could try and break the glass-like material holding Hawkes. "GET THAT -" Hawkes had seen a big weapon-like object, it looked heavy enough to break through the transparent material. He had been cut of by a sudden blast of air around the entire room - a hatch started to open at the wall, one Steve had not noticed before. He signalled 'wait' to Charley, and hid behind the hallway that he had come in through. The aliens looked strange, nothing that Steve had ever seen before. They were covered by a green gas, and he could not see anything beyond that green gas other than that they were humanoid and wearing somekind of suit, that seemed to glow. They walked directly to Charley, speaking in a language Steve was unable to comprehend. Charley had started screaming, frozen with fear of not knowing what they were going to do to him. They picked up the entire glass structure, Steve, unable to see the handles which they held, scrambled to try and get to Charley - and slammed into the feet of one of the aliens. He looked up, and his gaze slowly came onto the large helmet 'black' of the alien - staring eye to eye to Steve.