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  1. Anavel Gato

    Loyality to Zeon - Gato Returns To Zeon

    A door opens flooding the pitch black room with light,a beaten and brused Gato sits against a wallin the room. Two men enter and piont there guns at Gato. Up you! Gato slowly gets up and the men lead Gato to the bridge. Ah commander Gato how's your stay been?says the capatain. I didn't know men could find so much enjoyment in torture. I could them stop if you would give me the access codes to the Gundam. I'd rather die. I could do that for you. The captain pulls out a pistol and aims it at Gato's head. All of the sudden shakes violently. What the hell is going on. Our tests with wurmhole technolgy something gone wrong, the wurmhole has lost stability. Take gato back to his cell As men lead men lead Gato back to his cell, the ship shakes again, and knocks the guards off their. Gato grabs the gun of one guards and shoots both of them. He takes off running towards the Hanger. He jumps in the gundam, and quickly puts in the codes, it begins to power up. The eyes glow green, it pulls out a beam saber and starts slashing bulkheads around it. A problem in the main hanger, It's the gundam it;s moving. What!?! Damn you Gato.
  2. Anavel Gato

    Loyality to Zeon - Gato Returns To Zeon

    Gato lays in his quaters looking at the ceiling. "I hope Zeon has enough strength to take back the earth, we can't afford to fail again," Gato says to himself. Just as he's start to fall asleep the ship shakes violently, and alarms start blaring. A man yells over the comm,"We are under attack, all hands man your battle stations!" Gato rushes to the bridge. "Report!" orders Gato. "we're attack by space pirates, one of their larger vessels. They've knocked out most of small deck guns, this is transport ship it's not equiped to take on warships." Says the capitain. "Prepare the gundam for launch." orders Gato. "sir, they're grapling on to us, We're about to be boarded!" Yells one of the men. "we only crew of ten, they have hundreds, but we will hold them off while you make your way to the launch bay." Says the capitain. The crew begin arm themselves with assult rifles. Gato picks up a pistol. "thanks you men, you will not be forgotten." Says gato. Just then a hatch was blown open, with dozens of pirates behind it, the crew opens up with a spray of fire. Gato rushes off to the launch bay. When he opened the hatch to the launch bay, five pirates where waiting for him, with guns armed. Gato drops his gun and puts his hands up. He is taken to the bridge of the pirate ship. "The Nightmare of Solmon, Commander Anavel Gato, it is a pleasure to meet you." Says the Pirate Capitain. "what do you want with me?" Asks gato "It's not you I want it's your Gundam, and you can be used to brater with the Zeon."Says the capitain "I rather die then be a token for you to brater with." hisses Gato. "take him to a cell, and lay in a course for earth." Orders the capitain. Gato is hit in the back of the head with a rifle butt, he passes out.
  3. ********6 months ago*********** Gato enters A long corridor, and begins walking to the other end. He thinks to himself, "I'm doing right thing, I have duty towards Zeon, I'm sorry My dear Asuka." The hatch at the other end opens up and Gato enters through it,and looks over over at the GP-02, as several dozen men load it on to a ship. A man approaches Gato, "commander, the gundam is complete, and your ship will be ready to go soon here." "thank you, The gundam looks as good as new," Gato says. "thank you sir, Hail Neo Zeon," The man says as he does a salute. Gato starts make his way towards the ship, A man over the speakers annouces, "all systems go, all personal not boarding, clear the hanger." Gato enters the bridge. "we await your order sir." says the captain. "launch when ready," orders Gato. The massive hanger doors open up reviling outer space. The ship slowly makes it's way out of the hanger. Gato looks out the window at the Colony and thinks to himself,"wait for me Asuka I'll return when this is all over." o.c.c. Don't worry about the whole Asuka thing George and myself have this thing planned out.