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    I'm gonna have to back out.

    You sure? i just don't want you to guys to get mad at me or anything.
  2. I'm getting really sick, and due to finals and shit coming up I'm not gonna be able to be on the internet as much as I can. I would like it, though, if my character was used as a NPC. I will be back for the next one. Sorry guys. I'll read it all, though.
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    Use of Non-Introduced Characters

    i've been planning on writing Jed's intro, but I've been thinking about it for too long. I should have it up like by tomorrow. Go ahead and add him in if you want.
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    Is it too late...?

    So am I good? haha. I come on here like every 30 minutes to see what's going on.
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    Is it too late...?

    haha, and life for your's
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    ATTN: Jedidiah

    ok, i will, thanks a lot.
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    ATTN: Jedidiah

    done. sorry. i didn't know it was so big. it didn't show up big over here.
  8. Character Data Name: Jedidiah Jefferson Alias: Jed Age: 26 Earth Years Sex: Male Race: Human Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Assassin From: Jed is from Earth, but a different dimension Affiliation: Jed is a free-lancer. You give him a good price, he's your guy, but he does have a heart. ISH-O-VISIONTM Color: SlateGray Physical Stats Height: 5"9' Weight: 150 lbs. Hair: Jed's hair reminds you of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. It hangs just below his forehead, but is platinum. Eyes: The right eye is blue and the left eye is green Appearance: Jed has one long scar along his right arm. It stretches from the elbow to his wrist. Clothing: Jed wears jeans that stretch down to his ankles, and wears boots that resemble Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX with greaves attached to protect his legs. On his upper body he wears a tunic with chain mail under it, but the overall protection mail has been redesigned over the years to block bullets, and has wears a black cape that covers the right half of his body so no one can see his scar. Other Info Personality: Jed is a Squall-like character (FF VIII) when you first meet him, and seems to be cold-hearted and ruthless, but underneath it all, and when he finally trusts you, his personality is uplifting and he protects the things he cares about. While he may seem ruthless at heart, he has basic moral principles for himself so he knows what is right and what is wrong. Favorite Song: Symphonic Poem "Hope" ~FINAL FANTASY XII PV ver.~ Favorite Color(s): Blue and Dark Red Miscellaneous: Jed is clouded by his past, and has frequent flashbacks to his past, and the mistakes he has made. They sometimes conflict with reality, and take over his mind, preventing him from seeing what is clearly in front of him and believing it is something else. Character Abilities Weapon Preference: Jed prefers guns and daggers, but isn't afraid to use his hands. Handed: Right handed with swords, but is ambidextrous with guns Skills: Jed was given the ability to read people's minds when he was cursed by a witch on an island he visited with his crew. Armament: Jed has two daggers at his sides at all time and has two pistols that he's had since the beginning of his career: Oblivion and Escape. Protection: Only his chain mail around his chest and back Style: Jed has been trained in all forms of karate and kung fu from years of training around the world as a pirate. Background Jed was an assassin/bounty hunter for years, but as time passed by and bounties were put up for him by other bounty hunters, Jed left the normal world to discover the real world as a pirate, and sailed where no man sailed before. However, he soon discovered that what was untouched should remain untouched.
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    Is it too late...?

    Ok. Thankee-sai.
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    Is it too late...?

    Is it too late to sign up?
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    Can I borrow 2 million dollars?

    I'll just use my master card.
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    Roar, I want my PS3

    http://www.wkyt.com/news/headlines/4661551.html http://www.kmtr.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=006518A0-7413-4424-AD12-A235C95257D7 http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=2660886 http://www.wtopnews.com/?nid=600&sid=978347 http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=532046 http://www.kmph.com/home/4674536.html?skipthumb=Y http://cbs13.com/local/local_story_320195924.html My favorite one is the Wal-Mart one.
  13. Jedidiah

    SmashMyPS3.com! LOL!

    Yeah, I despise the price and the launch titles blow. You know, I think with every hit I could hear Ken Kutaragi cry and wimper.
  14. Jedidiah

    PS3, The final nail?

    Damn, I wanted one for Final Fantasy, but a Wii will do, I wanted that before a PS3 anyway. At least I know they'll be in stock! *ZING*