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  1. Emotions: A tool, or wall, in battle?

    Hm, I guess I've respected fiction as a reflection of the real world too much. Emotions do run dry, and then what do you have to fuel your strength? Nothing. You lose. End of story. "A full-grown bear versus a woman on her rag *does a balancing hand motion*. Actually, my money's on the woman, because I know the bear can't stay mad for 5 days."
  2. AVATARS!!!

    I only had... 3 games for Genesis? And it was the only Sega system I ever owned or played. So I had Sonic 1, Boogerman and NHL 95. Good times. Sega bombed because it was horrid, though I never knew it well enough to judge.
  3. Member introductions!!

    If it don't make no sense, it must make a lot of sense, right? O.o Double negatives... You know you're completely right about the story. I never played X-2 for that factor. Though the more interesting, enjoyable stories that get you hooked are what keep you playing an RPG. Which is why I never cared much for anything else, unless I'm not in the mood for anything compelling or interesting, then I'll play Tetris and River City Ransom. Oh Donnis, does anyone hate it when they're parents make bad noises in the room above them? Or beside them? Or below them? Or, anywhere in the house? *turns up her music* Oh, and buy a freaking PS2 if you want to! If you don't have the money, get a job! Unfortunately, I have a job, and my bank account is filling up quite a bit, yet I still won't buy a PS2. Such a saver... (my sister owned the PS2, and that's how I played X and X-2 before she moved out to go to college).
  4. AVATARS!!!

    *gives SwordBearer a cookie* I guess the hint was too specific.
  5. Emotions: A tool, or wall, in battle?

    I think it makes perfect sense. Having no emotion will make you a better fighter in the short run. But in a longer period of time, the one who uses his (or her) emotions as a weapon will be victorious. Or so I've seen.
  6. Member introductions!!

    Well, I wasn't talking about FF's success. It's obvious that the series is by far the most popular out there. But what of its quality in gaming? Who's really to say that it's far better than any other? When you look at the series altogether, maybe, but I'm held on strong to the belief of Quality Over Quantity. Just because something has more, it doesn't make it better. It's what is included that matters more. Also, there are a lot of other games that, given Final Fantasy's over-done advertising and promotion, that they'd be just as popular. There are no disappointments in the FF series because even with a bad game, no one will let the series fall. But, again, who ever includes FFs 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, and the non main-line games when referring to the FFseries' quality as a whole? As for X-2, I never mentioned the story. I don't judge it very harshly because the story is a light-hearted sequel to a darker prequel. So while it is very different from the other games, it has reason to be. If you diverted a long-running apocalypse that has caused depression among the world, you'd have a party, too. And... V and T have okay job systems. I dislike T's not so much for the system, but because it's a Strategy RPG. I still think it's a quality game that deserves respect. I'm highly enjoying FFIII's job system, the game itself is very hard.
  7. AVATARS!!!

    It's just fun and games. I guess the kind that require you to use a brain are a no-no? Well, here's a hint: it's the first game in a long-running series that started for Sega Genesis.
  8. Sin city

    It's not like we hate violence, and have never seen boobies. Or this apparent gore that I heard was in it. As long as you have a good story that is put together well, you can have as much violence and nudity as you feel is necessary.
  9. Member introductions!!

    Mmmm... well, it frustrates me when anyone claims the FFseries to be better than other series, or the best out there, even. But that may be because I know they're really just referring to VII and X. And yes, X-2. For various reasons: The fast-paced battles, upbeat music, light, comical feel of the story, and - because I'm a striving artist - the great and numerous dresspheres. Also because I've found that the JobClass system isn't all FFV and FFT, it can actually be fun. I don't like it just because I'm a girl and it's all happy-sugary-fun-fun-dance-time! It's pathetic to like something for simple reasons like that. "It's cool, therefore it's good."
  10. I need everyone's opinion or view on this subject, and it will overall help me develop my BotP character. There are two different views when it comes to fighting. One is that your emotions, especially anger, will fuel your skills and you can easily overcome your opponent. The other is that emotions, especially anger, will cloud your judgement and get you killed. The first view is commonly seen among anime, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer; a character will grow in power when they are pushed too far and are able to defeat their opponent with ease (also seen with Final Fantasy's Limit Breaks/Overdrives). The other is more often seen in North American movies and television; a character will want revenge for the death of a loved one, and are held back out of fear that they will be killed. Now... say a person, like my character, is devoid of all emotions and past memories. In the heat of battle, if she were to recall those feelings, would she be able to fight better, or be distracted? All thoughts are worse a listen
  11. Sin city

    My friend saw the movie, she practically had an orgasm over it (I like that word, if you can't tell). But she's been a fan of the comics, while I've never heard of it. I was more of the cartoons of Batman, Spiderman and X-men watcher in my day. I'll see the movie if I can, so I can give you my un-biased opinion of it.
  12. AVATARS!!!

    Thanks for the avvie, Badg Oh, and I got a code: Up, Down, Left, Right, A and Start together. Guess the game, get a cookie.
  13. Member introductions!!

    Yay, Leon-sama is here! Leon, you lie, you are in the least bit sane. As for me, I've bene working at Tim Horton's 4 days a week, 8 hours a day, I know about not being sane. And you would understand if you knew what Tim Horton's was. I think you understand the concept of RP-a-story, don't you, Leon? You saw my FF RP at GameWinners I think.
  14. Member introductions!!

    What if the hot chicks are lesbians? Oh, geez, why am I joining in this nonesense? FFVIII rocks, I'm not necessarily a fan of the series, considering I only really like 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10-2, and the rest are boring and sub-par... oops, shouldn't have said that. (Which is funny considering the internet has the backspace button for those foot-in-mouth moments, so it's obvious I wanted to say that). I wish I could play Fire Cross - No Mercy on repeat alongside Desperado *orgasms*.
  15. Member introductions!!

    Thanks for the welcome... er... I was kind of hoping I could keep my name as QuistisTrepe. I was just weary of using it originally. It's not uncommon to come into a forum where everyone loves one game and hates FFVIII. It causes a serious lack of judgement on everyone's part. You can never have too many Canadians!