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  1. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Friendly internet spiders are coming, friendly internet spiders are coming!
  2. Isolated Blurt Thread

    And the cat said, "Ye who should murder me should die a most grisly and immoral death."
  3. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Craft store. Jo Ann's. Don't ask. XP
  4. Isolated Blurt Thread

    I shall now revel in my temporary ability to access the internet after 11 PM. *does a quick search on google and loads GAIM just because she can*
  5. Isolated Blurt Thread

    + -->
  6. Isolated Blurt Thread

    We must protest this great injustice. *Pulls a classic teachers and starts stripping* Who's with me?
  7. Isolated Blurt Thread

    There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. "Oh my," she said, "I swallowed a fly." She swallowed a spider to catch the fly, but I don't know she swallowed the fly . . .perhaps she'll die . . . . . etc.
  8. Isolated Blurt Thread

    "Oh no, the door's locked." "Shoot. Now we'll have to find those guards we spent the last hour chasing off and killing." "Wait . . . what's that prominantly obvious glitter over there on top of the barrel?" "Score! It's THE KEY!!!"
  9. Isolated Blurt Thread

    I've heard elephant quarters can be quite tasty.
  10. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Someone did a test with drugged spiders. The spiders on LSD build significantly better webs than did those on caffeine . . . subtle hint, anyone?
  11. Isolated Blurt Thread

  12. Isolated Blurt Thread

    Are you so sure? I've heard washing of the hands ruins the effect of any story. T.T
  13. Isolated Blurt Thread

    "Could"? I beg to differ, good sir, I already AM my my own grandpa! XP
  14. [Discussion] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - WishList

    Mint/Rue - Threads of Fate - Square-Enix Squall - FF VIII - Kid, Surge, Lynx - Chrono Cross - Square-Enix (?) Rose - Legend of Dragoon - Prie (sp?) - sdfsdfsdfsdfs Any/all main characters - Xenosaga - Namco Spyro - Ripto's Rage, Spyro the Dragon, etc. - Square-Enix (?) . . . apparently I've been avoiding video games longer than I had though. >.< I suck.
  15. Abbreviations :)

    [PC] = literally personal computer, although the (fairly) common interpretation leans to Windows.