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  1. Kuzuki walked into a sparsely decorated room, waved to the other occupants, sat down against the wall, and fell asleep with his hood draped over his eyes. Edit: I don't have time right now, this isn't the final post, just a place holder, I'll add more later, I apologize for the inconvenience
  2. Personal Information Name: Kuzuki Asasake Age: 23 Sex: Male Race: Hume Occupation: Jazz Guitarist, Assassin Dialogue: [bgcolor=SLATEGRAY]||||||||[/bgcolor] SLATEGRAY Character Bio Kuzuki is a flourishing jazz guitarist on the planet Ryoudan. His music and combat styles have much in common: both are full of improvisation, both are full of flavor, and both leave observers in awe. His mastery over technique is evident in everything he does, from the slightest inflection on a pinch harmonic to a deftly executed saido ryu kison. At the end of every performance, Kuzuki disappears in a flash of smoke, so no one can see which exit he leaves through. His latest client assigned him a case off-planet and told him his target was after treasure far below the ground beneath the tallest mountain on a mysterious Planet X. Physical Appearance Kuzuki has slightly-longer-than shoulder length black hair that he keeps in a ponytail, hidden beneath his cloak. He has two piercing blue eyes and a scar that runs from the bottom of his right eye to the bottom of his chin. Kuzuki’s smile can be either warm and relaxing, or sardonic and chilling, depending on the audience. He is most often seen wearing a slim black cloak and a sugegasa (a conical straw hat). Notable Skills Kuzuki is known for his extreme sense of speed and his daunting ability to make split-second decisions. He relies more on the ability and strength of his weapons rather than physical strength of his own, as he is toned for mobility rather than brute strength. He is flexible enough to dodge attacks in the oddest of ways. He is also proficient with using a variety of weapons, most notably a pair of tonfa-like weapons with sharpened blades that his guitar can transform into. Basic Battle Assessment Weapon of Choice - The Vanquisher: Kuzuki’s favorite guitar which can split into a pair of tonfa-like weapons via photon-extensible strings and two handles on the back, plus an intricate system of latches and buttons. Defensive Measures - Light Gear: Kuzuki prefers to dodge attacks rather than parry or absorb them, so all of his gear is designed for mobility and agility. Miscellaneous Gear - Guitar Picks: Kuzuki carries a plentiful supply of guitar picks that can be used as darts and are packed with helpful chemicals, such as smoke and poison. Fighting Style - Kenkijutsu: A fluid style of his own which utilizes both the user’s and the enemies momentum to maximize attack openings and decrease the chance of being hit. Signature Techniques Normal Attack - Kizu: Kuzuki uses the Vanquisher’s two blades to execute attacks in a flowing, agile fashion. Each strike of the weapon also lets out a small note, which varies depending on the substance it contacts. Normal Defense - Binsoku: What doesn’t hit you won’t hurt you—Kuzuki’s unusual agility allows him to evade attacks rather than block them. Special Attack – Kizu no Hakaisha: Two blades allow for twice the attacks—Kuzuki uses his two blades to unleash a series of deftly planted deep slashes at the weak points in his opponent’s body, should they have any. This attack leaves Kuzuki slightly vulnerable for a few seconds afterwards. Special Attack - Cacaphony: Ever hear a sixth grade band completely fail at playing their piece? This is worse, much worse. Kuzuki crashes the Vanquisher’s two blades together to create an impossibly painful sound—so painful that the opponent’s perception is temporarily distorted. Although Kuzuki is somewhat used to the attack, he does suffer slight disorientation until the effects wear off, which takes about 15-30 seconds. Special Defense – Gisei taishite Kaisoku: Kuzuki sacrifices his power to double his agility and prowess. This technique leaves him more vulnerable afterwards the longer he keeps it going.
  3. Chaos

    Member introductions!!

    Hi! I'm Chaos. I am a borderline-bipolar materialistic cynic with absolutely no faith in anything, who is also confident and probably one of the most cheerful people I know (most days). (Did I mention a bit of a narcissist as well?) My name comes with my fascination with Chaos; the idea of it, the practice of it, and the motif of it. I love the idea of bringing everything crashing to the ground and to its knees. I dunno why. But it does -not- come from Xenosaga, 'cuz if it did it'd be chaos, not Chaos. Maybe none of you have even played it. I'm a huge music person; I play guitar and spend most of my free time composing songs or practicing ones I haven't learned yet. But when I'm not doing that, I'm probably writing, reading, or playing video games. Here are a few of my favorite authors: Haruki Murakami (Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Kafka on the Shore), Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Stardust), Stephen King (The Stand, The Dark Tower Series), and Douglas Adams (H2G2, The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul). And here are some of my favorite musical artists: Pain of Salvation (progressive metal), Porcupine Tree (progressive rock), Avenged Sevenfold (metalcore/rock), abingdon boys school (jrock), and The Whitlams (aussie piano rock?). Oh, and my favorite games are RPGs, and my favorite of those is FFX (so sue me it's for the atmosphere and characters). Aaanyway, I was dragged here by Badger after meeting him on the aforementioned, Phantasy Star Online. It's been a while since I RP'd, but the thought of an entire roleplay consisting of competent writers (so he tells me) is a very compelling idea, especially when the entire thing is immersed in a context of humor. I've got some of my stuff up on dA [x] if you're curious; it's not great, I suppose if you're worried about my writing you can ask Badger. But the best way to learn is probably just to experience it. I dunno what else to add, so that's it, I guess. Woo?!?