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  1. SidMarcus9

    Hide and Don't Seek

    Poppin' Fresh staggered to his feet. Looking around confused and torn. He tried to move down a nearby hill, rolling all the way down hitting a cave wall. He crawled to a large rock and hid behind it. The Doughboy was trying to collect himself, as he was trying to realize what just happened. He leaned his head up against the rock as he heard foot steps from outside the cave. Poppin' Fresh peared out to try and see who or what was there. He saw there that it was Kuzuki Asasake holding his head due to headache. Poppin' Fresh stayed still and stuck behind the large rock as Kuzuki sat opposite the rock.
  2. SidMarcus9

    Hidden Intentions.

    "Damn, what happened? Where the hell am I?." Aldrich appeared in a dark area filled with stars as a voice rang from around him. "Do you think you have what it takes, sweep?" The voice came together and a figure formed around Aldrich. It was full of scales and it was lumpy with spikes and bars sticking out of it. Its eyes glew yellow and float with two tiny wings on its back. The voice spoke. "I am Belzeebub, Lord and master of the flies." Soon in from his comment flew in billions of flies consuming Aldrich. Aldrich then shot fire around his body filling the dark area. "AHHHH!" Aldrich screamed. "So I see you have power to match me." The beast said raising his arms, yelling. "Now are you ready to see my true power." Belezeebub then turned from a lumpy man to a very thin like viper creature which lunged at Aldrich bitting his arm. Aldrich saw a place as the venom entered his body and his minions of demons appeared from the darkness covering him and taking him to this place away from the darkness, away from the pain, away from Belzeebub. Aldrich laid on a beach area now with burnt arms and ash around him. The venom faded from arm and leaked out from his pores. Aldrich just sat up and looked out to the ocean. He could still hear the ringing of Belzeebub's voice in his ears. He looked out to the ocean once more, sighed and then rested his head back on the soft sand and said, "Now, where the hell am I?"
  3. SidMarcus9

    Riches and Boredom

    Light hit the back of Mr. Brinley's neck as he climbed down and removed his blood stained gloves. He took down his ladder and packed it into his truck as he began walking in and out of the house holding priceless materials and packing them into the back of his truck. He finished up and took out an old lawn chair and sat down beside his truck and took out a can of beer. He drank it down and licked his lips. He looked up at the chimney he just got down from. The brim of his hat blocked out the sun from his eyes. He smiled and leaned back letting out a deep laugh. He stood up and packed his chair into the trunk. He threw the beer can on the lawn of the "customer." He jumped into his truck and drove away. He came down a long narrow road off near the sea's edge. He looked off into the blue sky and smiled, at the load he carried in the trunk of his pick-up, but he caught a dark figure from the corner of his eye. A ship came tumbling down towards him. He stared at it as it came crashing down into the front of his car flipping it over into the water. Aldrich swam out of the truck as it sunk to the bottom. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" Aldrich yelled. He floated in the water, staring at the dark blue ship that just took away his fortune. He came to land and inspected the sky ship and came to the door of the machine. It popped open and an orange girl jumped out smiling at Aldrich. Aldrich was pissed and didn't want anything to do with her as he turned and began to walk away, muttering to himself, cursing and clutching his fists. She jumped high and landed in front of him. "Okey, who the hell are you and do you understand what the fuck you just did?" Aldrich got up and in her face. She smiled and touched his noise. "What the hell are you...?" Aldrich blinked and appeared in an unknown world. He stood back and held onto his sweeper, the Dark Sunflower. His umbrella, the Agony Aunt, hung over his shoulder. He stared into the sky as a whisper ran threw his ears. "Planet X, find a tresure to replace your own." Aldrich listened then swung his sweeper around and cocked it, gazing up at a blade now appearing from the sweep. "Oh, what the Hell. I'm bored anyways." He said walking off with a smile on his face and his sweep over his shoulder with his umbrella in his left hand.
  4. Personal Information Name: Aldrich Brinley Age: 32 Sex: Male Race: Human Occupation: "Chimney Sweep" Mass Murderer Dialogue: [bgcolor=TOMATO]||||||||[/bgcolor] TOMATO Character Bio Aldrich Brinley, Mr. Brinley, is a very self centered man who cares about money and his wealth; that is why he is after the treasure of Planet X. He is an English man. He is mainly a blood lust, sex driven, temper filled, fucked up, asshole kinda guy. Brinley is a vagabond. He has a smoking addiction and likes whiskey to the ultimate extent. Not much of his history is known just that he was an orphan from the time he was born and it is said he was raised by a pack of rats and he learned his style of fighting through going to fight clubs and watching dance movies. The style is known as Capoeira. He is very corrupt and from time to time craves the love of a mother and/or father. Physical Appearance Aldrich Brinley wears an old faded black top hat with a polka dot cloth rapped around the hat. He has medium length dark hair and a long braided shaggy beard. He has a scar across his right eye from an old lady attacking him with a knife. He wears a dark tattered dress coat with a white biker shirt underneath. He wears a white tank top and a pentagram medallion. He wears a pair of messed up jeans and a pair of black steel toe boots. Notable Skills He fights with his iron chimney sweep and has a very break dance-like structure to his theme of fighting such as spinning on his head, hands and knees. He is very fast. Basic Battle Assessment Weapon o' Choice - The Dark Sunflower: (his sweeper) Defensive Measures - Mary Popen's Umbrella: The Agony Aunt Miscellaneous Gear - Chalk: A piece of chalk for writing out Alchemy and Necromancy symbols and formulas. Fighting Style - 2 X the Pain Bitch: Aldrich fights with a break dance like structure with the spinning on hands and head. He is out there with his fighting style and he is very temperamental; a reckless fighter. Signature Techniques Normal Attack - Fire Ball: A regular fire ball shot from his palms, around the size of a bowling ball. Normal Defense - Mary Popen's Guard: The Agony Aunt umbrella opens up Normal Attack - Familar Spirit: Skull that follows Aldrich around and lit up in blue fire and is a stronger form of the Fire Ball move. Special Attack - Summoning of Hades: Aldrich summons 3 to 5 demons that fight with claws and horns, breathing fire until they are destroyed. Special Attack - Aeacus ab Abeo: A large wind picks the enemy up (Aldrich summons the wind through Alchemy) and throws them to the ground smashing them as Aldrich brings skeletons from hell to cover the victims limbs. Then Aldrich brutally begins to light the victim on fire and beat them. Best used on weakened opponents since it is possible to escape the attack at any time when caught in it.
  5. SidMarcus9

    Member introductions!!

    Hey, I'm SidMarcus and I can tell you that I just try to keep to myself, but if I'm needed in anyway, hell, I'm here to help. I like this whole writing stuff and well I want to give it a chance. It be kinda cool. I really try to get to know people but I'm really kind of new at this so well don't get to pissed off at me. I like to draw and all that kind of stuff and I create storys about robots, alchemists, necromancers, and other shit I just throw together. I think putting some of my ideas together and such can could really work for this so well I'm gonna give it a try and see how it goes and stuff. Well, thanks and everything and hope to to talk to everyone, soon, I guess. Sid
  6. SidMarcus9

    New board, new topic baby!

    Well... the explosion was pretty neat.