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    Save Finny's ass...

    I'm in a rather precarious situation at the moment. I'm an idiot, and a plastic bb gun was accidentally fired at my LCD monitor. I lackt he 400 or so dollars to replace the thing. So, if you guys could each donate like between 1 and 3 dollars to me, for which i have set up a handy-dandy paypal button, I would be very appreciative. If I don't get this thing replaced soon, I'm dead. Like, DED dead. Going to die, fucked, murdered, dead... So please help out if you can. Just clicky this link: <a href=https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=FireNexus1%40hotmail.com&item_name=Get+FireNexus+a+New+Monitor&no_note=1&tax=0&currency_code=USD>Save Finny!</a> Edit: Fixed Link
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    I LOVE THE 80's

    ***edit*** DG again. Same deal, no need to flame. I have the original posts, BTW, if you'd like them back for whatever reason.
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    Theory of time

    *edit* DamnGlitch here; you have no reason to flame Bacon. Lay off. What the hell kind of moderator are you? *Finny Edit* A lousy one, with a lower tolerance for *removed so-as to avoid retribution* than everyone else here.
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    Am I older than Outey looks?

    if memory serves me correctly, you're 19. So there!
  5. There's a new post boys and girls. The coma is over! YAY! Let's get our rears back in gear on this one, guys. We don't want this to turn out like Ragnarok. Carry on...
  6. The Jackal now had serious time for repairs, and entire crew was working on them while the clock ticked down. Thirty-six hours remained before their deadline. Already, light weapons and the hyper drive had been brought back online. Currently, efforts were focused on getting shields back up. Kai knew that if he didn't get his ship battle-ready within his 36-hour deadline, this mysterious new enemy could destroy him and his crew at any time. He needed to return to G-Fed space and the nearest subspace gate, other than a Drax controlled gate, was three days away. "Where are we in terms of shields," Kai asked of the head tech for the area, while he was over-looking repairs in the main shield generator compartment. He didn't know his ass from a power coupling, so he could be of little help. He knew this, and stuck to supervising. "Well, Captain, I can give you shields in twelve hours," replied the tech. "The problem is finding the power. We can't seem to get the starboard hyper reaction chamber to go exothermic. But we're working on it." "Get it done, or we're all dead." With that, Kai exited the compartment, and received a call on his communicator. Kai took the small, cell-phone like device from his belt, and accepted the call. It was Chief Maroszan. "Sir, we have heavy plasma guns online," Maroszan said with excitement. "With the exception of the batteries destroyed in the battle. Hyper-cannons aren't going to be online without the help of a shipyard, though. They were hit with feedback when we were knocked out of hyperspace." "One of your underlings told me we were having trouble with the starboard power plant," Kai remarked. "We are," said Maroszan, his voice turning grave. "And if we can't get it back online, we might as well be an over-sized frigate." "Get it done, James." "Yes, sir!" Kai deactivated his comm, and went to his office. He hoped to hell that he lived to see his world once more. Boredom seemed very appealing at the moment.
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    Post no longer lonely.
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    Spam is good - stuff...