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  1. The last thing that Poppin' Fresh remembered was that he was last in his lovely home trying to find out how to save the Pillsbury factory from going into bankruptcy. Now he finds himself awakening on a strange planet giving no clue as to where he is. Trying to gather himself he finds a strange creature, which gave the impression of being hungry. Poppin' Fresh realizes this and starts to run for his life. The creature soon corners him and looks at him as though he was made of yummy pastries. He tries to escape but fails miserably. So Poppin' Fresh gives up on his vow of being passive and grabs the creatures throat and forces delicious pastries to the point of the beast being full and it passes out from the sheer size that it has grown. Poppin' fresh soon walks off into the strange world hopes to find a way home.
  2. Personal Information Name: Poppin Fresh Age: 43 Sex: Male Race: Living Dough Occupation: Pillsbury Mascot Dialogue: [bgcolor=SIENNA]|||||||||[/bgcolor] SIENNA Character Bio Created by black magic infusing a pile of dough in the trash next to the main Pillsbury factory, the Pillsbury Doughboy, also known as Poppin Fresh, has come to Planet X to save the Pillsbury franchise. He is a very jolly "person" of sorts but will do anything to save his true home. Physical Appearance Poppin Fresh is a lump of moving white dough that wears a white ascot and a baker's hat. Notable Skills Over the years the Doughboy has found out that he has the ability to make people become chronically obese by force-feeding them with delicious pastries. Basic Battle Assessment Weapon o' Choice - Bakers Hat: enables him to pull yummy pastries out Defensive Measures - Doughy Exterior: His body is able to take a lot of punishment by absorbing blows. Miscellaneous Gear: None Fighting Style - Force Feeding: he takes his yummy pastries and forces his enemies to eat them making them become bloated and slower. Signature Techniques Normal Attack - Pastry Pop: He pushes the bottom of his hat and shoots pastries at his enemy. Normal Defense - Doughy Body: Allows him to absorb a percentage of the blows taken Super Attack - The Pillsbury Breadbeast: a form taken only when caught on fire or heat is applied to his body. He is unaware of this transformation. Special Attack - Flaming Pastries of Doom: this attack can only be use when he is the Breadbeast. The attack shoots flaming Toaster Strudels from his blazing arms. [hr /] This character fucking rules. -Badger
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