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    I work in the electronics department at Toys R us
  1. Darthanis

    Member introductions!!

    I found metroid database who in turn directed me here. Realitys-exile is a separate entity from MD. Excuse me if I'm a little slow witted at the moment and dont understand what you are getting at. Ive had a few loooong weeks and the forecast is still the same, looooong and hectic.... So... What do you all do around here for fun?
  2. Darthanis

    Member introductions!!

    *Inhales and begins to spew out the rehearsed introductory* Evening all, my name is Darthanis. I'm a Roleplayer of both Scifi and Fantasy. I enjoy reading, from books by RA salvatore to poems and plays by Poe and Shakespeare. My music tastes range from Classical to Metal and beyond. If it is art, I enjoy it. I studied martial arts for a few years and enjoy the culture and lessons learned from it that can be applied to life. I enjoy talking religion and philosophy. Not being one to push my views, I enjoy a good discussion/passive debate. (tries to think of more un-interesting things to say about himself) I hail from a forum called Realitys-exile which spawned as a Metroid roleplay forum and wound up as a home to a metroid based Scifi world, a strange fantasy world and a forum for roleplays that do not adhere to anything in particular. I work at Toys R us and thoroughly enjoy everything but when the little kiddies want to pay for their videogames in pennies... But then I remember when I was there and I get a good laugh out of it. Well I rambled long enough, I'm off to fart around your forums for a while.