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  1. paru591

    We're all fucking doomed.

    mhe saw 3 episodes fansubed awhile back, it's odd. as i recall the main character is like a cousin to tenchi. he sorta gets tricked into joining hte galaxy police. he's alot more of a perv thou mihoshi is "different" then what you would expect of her. thats all i'm going to say. perosnally i'm dying to get another tenchi ova 3 episode. now that FUCKING KICKS SO MUCH ASS!!!!!!!!!! I was worried at first with how long it's been since returning to the original OVA but well my worries where COMPLETELY INJUSTIFIED!
  2. paru591

    full metal alchemist

    while surfing around to ifnd out more aobut FMA i found this: http://mbs.jp/hagaren/index2.html it's a short index clips not as good quality but still for those who are intrested and not sure they are ready to download a complete episode. of course it's not subtitled.
  3. oh my ******* GOD! i'm TOTALLY inlove with FMA, great show. full metal alchemist - manga scanstranslation place for those who want the manga... [FULL METAL ALCHEMIST] good english site to learn more aobut FMA [url= http://a.scarywater.net/sonchou/ sonchou BT FMA TV site formerly with AF-F[/url] how to discribe this... it has a serioud and sometimes dark tone, but good lighter mood. plot TOP NOTCH lots of secrets that get explained over time. ps2 game coming out to NA sometime by square enix. GBA(by bandai) coming out 32604 in Japan.
  4. paru591

    .hack//SIGN - from the weird and whacked

    I understand all of it. course I started watching it from episode 1. remeber this is anime not american cartoons where if you miss the episode before your miss sometihng vital. and hack sign is one where you do need to pay attention to details. it's alot more intelectual coupled with the relationships it's not everyones choice of cake. I'd personally recomend stop now and watch it in order starting with episode 1. an old teacher once told me "when you see something again you learn something new". so perhaps if still confused rewatch it over.
  5. paru591

    .hack//SIGN - from the weird and whacked

    ok rivive a thread again.... ok by now hack sign is all over and people seen "all" the episodes... however in secret 3 more were made "gift" was thsi really crazy animation tv meets game episode... itnresting stuff, it's an extra on one of the dvd's can't remember where... episode 27 is a look at blackrose past and how she became who she is. episode 28 is this really fucking god damn BITCHING tv meet game with good animation! it's sometihng about a gathering, sora is back and good, game wise has lios but the rest i tihnk are vol 1 characters only. mostl ikely kite's good friends. dunno if they will put these on the us dvd's but it is worth finding. you can BT fansub copy's.
  6. paru591

    Neon Genesis Evangelion 2

    hmm n64 eh ok i'll see about finding a copy. well my saturn is hooked up and i can encoe to ocmputer now, but ugh it's crazy when you don't know japanese. as much as saturn emulation has been improved it's still not perfect and little glitch's with the eva games can be very bad. thanks alot of sutff happened, outie here PM me I perosnally lost the address and user info. i'll try i'm alot mroe busy then i use to be. *runs off to start a sentai ranger video marathon* Go...Sei Sentai.... Dia...Ranger!
  7. paru591

    Neon Genesis Evangelion 2

    well i have japanese saturn 2nd impresion i tihnk it's called. you mostly watch video's a menu pops up for your choices what to say and of course pilot some of the eva units. would help if it was translated wait... "sometihng 2: your episode X" I tihnk before episode 13 if i recall. perhaps it's a saturn port of one of the nge games.
  8. oh FRELL yea! infact I think back to a few old examples. both droping hints of us comic characters and just honoring them. Project Ako I tihnk the first one showed a shirt being ironed and had the Superman symbol, some other direct refrence to wonder women as well(well no wonder Ako is so powerful). later on Bko's father is like Tony stark(you know "Iron Man"). I've read many interviews from all sorts of "anime celb's" who have read american cmoics and watched disney and loved them. lets not forget some of the american comics "sent to japan" and came back like the old spiderman manga.
  9. paru591

    .hack//SIGN - from the weird and whacked

    cool i'm waiting for a friend to special order the se version since he can get it at "normal price" not public price. BTW the anime and the game are completely different it does have some commonalties but it's not the same. both characters maybe the same "class" but are not the same. I'm told however vol 3 of the gameova has some of the anime characters meet the game characters.
  10. it FRELLING Not to be missed esp for those who like a more confusing story... it gets lots more crazy in the 2nd half. I pciked the the collector's Box dvd set
  11. paru591

    Member introductions!!

    Well greatings, hope your insane yourself and not just doing the "family tihng". Well really I hope your the one hwo made ISH crazyinsane or whatever hey do you get perks for being family of the owner? jk well ttyl
  12. paru591

    Am I older than Outey looks?

    you know i'm the worest person to ask this... i'm not exactly a good judge of apperence more so by age. anyhow looking at it I think 21 to 27. IF you want an exact guess well i'd say 24.
  13. :babel: relay 2005, 2117 recived sending back 20XX message recived altering Prime central. Prime Central here, message understood, sending pit distrss beacon. Warning Further use of time dilation may result in unforseen effects. "KILL THAT DAMN WARNING WE ALREADY KNOW DAMN IT! There isn't any other choice now!" 2330, alearting rengrade tekka... many starting points converge and overlap soon a nexus of beings, places, times and more merge into new things, in ways no one has yet drempt of... Welcome to the largest, cross over fan Project, i'm sure you will ever hear and hopefully read. When i say Mondo GihugeicGaint i mean so big, it will even rival my previous fanfic project i was working on, so big so much going on so much history ect that is mroe like "lord of the rings sized" project. Over 20 shows, movies, games, mythology, misc alrready tied together in the gaint Epic. a "Unicron Tron", "godzilla Transformer", "Reboot Tron character", "mini godzilla TF mecha and unicronreboot Tron HAR"(see http://www.omf.com), Tekkaman, plus lots more... It will take awhile to do but i'm starting to iron out the basics already.
  14. intresting... i must admit thou when tihnking of disney being evil ect, i never think of them doing "kiddy" stuff, just frelling peice of dren works. damn fake family movie end. worse then kiddifed dreams of "good ending". heh "sailor moon blacklash", having seen and owning all the japanese episodesmovies, ect. I can safely ofr me it is ALOT MORE then simple "Backlash", I'm already POed about Nadia and Kimba and those i don't even care about. Ever see the movie, "A perfect Storm" or know about it? well disney better watch out Disney can't do anytihng more then kiddie with animation. and Live action, well just wouldn't work out....
  15. paru591

    Member introductions!!

    well do watch your step, remember insanity is your friend. Yes the smiles are cool. so what reasons are they? well talk to you later.