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  1. Here's my version: From my summer job, People tip better when you try to look cute. From my summer vacation, Honduras is in very bad shape, and Belize has a pretty good beer. From Canada, Well, went there a couple summers back, and I enjoyed myself greatly. From college, It is entirely too easy to drink at bars when you're under 21.
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  3. Stupid/funny ways that you have hurt yourself.

    He stuck something up it?
  4. no topic

    My thread has been hijacked. :shock:
  5. Stupid/funny ways that you have hurt yourself.

    No, the spot where it first broke was weak, and possibly not even fully healed before it broke again.
  6. Stupid/funny ways that you have hurt yourself.

    The first time I was doing gymnastics and slipped and landed butt first on the balance beam with it between my legs. (Thank God I'm not a guy, right?) Anyway, it broke my tail bone, and then I rebroke it 2 more times in gymnastics. That's the reason I quit. I look back sometimes and wish I hadn't b/c I was really good, but then, it wasn't worth the pain.
  7. Stupid/funny ways that you have hurt yourself.

    Owwwww. I have too many of these instances. I walk into walls and glass doors with some regularity. I've broken my tail bone 3 times. Umm... can't think of any more right now, but the list is practically endless.
  8. bad drawing

    Testing to see if this works...
  9. Bacon's best OoC quote ever:

    Maybe not steeling, but it'd still be stealing.
  10. bull shit gotta make myself feel better post.

    I know that song!
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    6:42 Do you know where your children are?
  12. Internet connection speed

  13. OH MY GOD!

    Ummmm... woot?
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    Good for you, bacon.
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    *hypnotic voice* Go to my site...