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  1. Greetings and salutations. This is just to say I started reading email again and I have a computer accessible to me again which I will endeavor to use to the best of my ability to get back chatting with y'all again. BTW, did y'all hear that AOL is not going to have chat anymore? Not that I mind, being that there was no-one in any of the chatrooms that shared any common interests with me and I just went there to blow off steam by writing inanely long messages containing nothing of interest (Which I hope this one is not). Anyway, off to bigger and brighter things. Later days, Oh Heck
  2. Again back again friking frikka frik backy frikky back frik back frack baccafabacca... Umm... Yeah. On my sister's computer this time, but...
  3. I have lots of trouble going anywhere with the current problems with this computer and I absolutely CANNOT find any links to it on your site and you haven't told me where it is! How do you expect me to register when I can't get to it? Smeg!
  4. Oh Heck

    Am I older than Outey looks?

    If you think that's amazing, you should see him play Jazz. One of the two Jazz flutes in Colorado bands when he was in school, that's what he used to tell me, but that was awhile ago. That's part of the reason we all like Jethro Tull so much. When he's playin', it's all good! But, then again, I haven't heard him even play flute in years. But, then again, who has time to play flute when your a sit on your butt all day and type on a computer and force things to work type of a guy like Gimpy. Well, that's not entirely true, he also makes new avatars occasionally.
  5. Oh Heck

    Am I older than Outey looks?

    I'm going to say late 40s early 50s because you didn't really expect me to give an accurate answer about this anyway. That, and you're too thin to be an active computer programmer and too fat to be Bill Gates.
  6. I have been forced into posting this. The opinions described in the title do not belong to Oh Heck, they belong to my little brother, who is obsessed with having no clean shirts to wear and saying "SimBen is a dork". He saw ISH's computer once when SimBen was in one of his chats with ISH's away massage (sorry for messing up the spelling, I did it because it seemed to click and my little brother is very annoyingly leaning on me), and has now forced me to post this by saying it too much. Now for talking fish. On an unrelated topic entirely, I finally got the MDbMB thingy to work and I can log on now (meaning, of course, that it was working the entire time and I just didn't know it because ISH told me to wait for an email that never came)! Unfortunately, I'm backtrack by about 10 bazillion posts, and I really am not looking foreward to reading them all. By the way, unfamiliar with the customs thereabouts, is it proper for one to write an introductory post or anything, and, if so, what should one say, just "Heya, I'm me" or something on MDb topics, like "They need to make Metroid Legos." Of course, we all know that they do, but that's anothier topic entirely. On an unrelated (somewhat) topic, they need to make Metroid Legos. In other news, ISH, I was looking at some of your folder thingies that make the slashes in the web address and I saw "taotish" written up there. I was wondering how that was pronounced, "DaoDish," "DaoTish," or "TaoTish" because the person who wrote it was a "lazy bum" accented American. Just curious. Seeing as I have nothing left that is either relevant or irrelevant to post, I think I'll shut up now and go to my corner, er something like that.
  7. Oh Heck

    DamnGlitch HQ - DG vs. DG 2.0...

    Oh, so you got bored of contracting me? Or is it my blatent lack of attention span that... er... uh... does something. What was I talking about again? Anyway Glitch, I have to say that's lookin' pretty good. If I ever end up actually scanning in and posting any of my stuff I'll let you know so I can get some healthy critiquing, but I still need ISH to tell me how in tarnation you use the dang-blasted uploading program, I never did get that to work. Maybe someday I'll have my own computer so I can learn how all its programs work and everything, but, until then, leave it to old Gimpy to bail me out at the last minute.
  8. Oh Heck

    Member introductions!!

    Whatever we do, I am NOT going to Angelfire again. I can stil remember the pain, THE GOGGLES, THEY DO NOTHING! Anyway, onto other stuff. By the way, your site here glitched last night for me and only had the announcements board and new inmates processing center. Thought you might want to know, but it might just be that the computer was jacked so I had to use IE instead of Mozilla. Who knows.
  9. Oh Heck

    Member introductions!!

    Yeah, sure, just 'cause it took me a month or whatever to respond to that insult does NOT mean that I am neccesarily absent-minded concerning posting. Wait... yes it does. Anyway, if I'm really needed in the whole anime gig, then I'll first have to, you know, GET A WEBSITE I CAN POST IMAGES ON SO AS TO UPLOAD THEM TO BE SHOWN HERE! LOOK AT ME TALKING IN ALL CAPS! I FEEL SO IMPORTANT! Anyway, I would like to be a mod should we ever get around to that. Otherwise, I'll probably never really notice and act as if I'm a mod whether or not I am.
  10. ED!!!!!! A combination of insane and ditsy, with a bit of strong put into it (the stomache). That, and she's CUTE!!!!!!! *Blinky blinky* And a close second goes to people like Heed's partner from Pilot Candidate (Candidate Goddess) at the beginning of the series, a combination of ditsy and hyper and happy stuff (I know people like that). *Twitch* By the way, who misses Marathon? It wouldn't be complete without a dumb quote, sore here ya go: "It's not easy to sleep on paper, but it makes a great laxative." -Oh Heck
  11. Oh Heck

    Member introductions!!

    Um... Yeah.