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Found 6 results

  1. minecraft

    Server World 1 Started in Minecraft Alpha 1.1.2_01, just before the update that added the Nether, as my personal single-player world. I got the idea to have a Minecraft server and used this as a starting map. Fun fact: There was a server map just prior to this one that didn't have much on it, but it was griefed and deleted. This world lasted though a large number of updates to Minecraft. At some point during the updates from Minecraft Alpha to Beta, a LOT of the world got changed to Ice Plains and Ice Mountains. This was one of the primary reasons this world was mothballed and we went to a new map. Also Release 1.0 was came out with it's new biomes and features, that was the other main factor. Server World 2 World 2 started pretty much as soon as Minecraft 1.0 was released. Originally it was run on a multi-world setup with the first world. After a while in an effort to reduce lag it was converted to a single world and the original world was taken down. I personally think this world was cheapened by using Multiverse and importing builds from the previous world. BOTH of these worlds were built mostly with a server plugin that added a warp command. These download ARE NOT setup for any of that. These are downloads are packaged as a purely vanilla world. I'll throw some screenshots of the worlds up at another time.
  2. Minecraft

    WHITELIST ONLY You must be/know a member of Infinite Unreality to join. Please post a request in the official request thread. WE'RE LEGIT! ...mostly No begging OPs to /give resources. You must get them yourself or from the Adventurer's Guild. I reserve the right to completely ignore this rule from time to time. :3 NO STEALING Ask before you raid someone else's stuff. First offense you will have your inventory & XP wiped, plus receive a 14 day suspension. Second offense you will be perma-banned. NO GREIFING You WILL NOT be warned, you WILL be perma-banned. NO DERP POLES In other words, 1x1 poles to the sky limit or 1x1 shafts to bedrock... UNLESS THEY ARE TEMPORARY FOR A BUILD! NO VULGAR BUILDS No dongs, vaggies, butts, and the like. Keep it clean!
  3. Minecraft

    I've updated the server to 1.2.5 and it seems like nothing broke! YAY! Read the full story here
  4. Minecraft

    I have been interested in checking out the game recently. Do you have to pay to get it? I really don't know much about it other than it is kinda like a Lego type game where you build what you want, and for some reason it has zombies...But yeah, also considering looking at the game. Oh...A boo SB
  5. Minecraft

    Please make you whitelist requests here. Remember, you must be/know a member of Infinite Unreality to be considered.
  6. Minecraft

    Server Address: mc.infiniteunreality.com minecraft.infiniteunreality.com (works too) Server Staff: KaizenNeko: Admin skulldaisygimp: Server OP Current warp points: Gone until stable Bukkit & plugins are released.