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Found 7 results

  1. KaizenNeko

    Yep...Still here.

    I got a request out of the blue to delete a thread from 2004. That was a thing. I found out that I forgot to set up permissions so that was a thing. I also upgraded to a new version of the forum software! So that happened.
  2. KaizenNeko

    Skin Updates

    I've gotten updates for the Blood & Warrior skins. Infinite Dark still has to be upgraded. I've also gotten a new skin called Underground, which uses BLUE, I'll be tinkering with later on. It's also the new default skin. Also the skin updates have BROKEN some of the custom BBCodes I've added. I'll be finisng those soon as well.
  3. If set up two new ways to sign in to the forums. You can now use Google and Steam accounts to sign in. We still have the Twitter and Facebook linked logins available as well. To prevent them from trying to set up a new forum account when you try to use them, please login with your Forums account first and go to Edit my Profile. You will find two new options on the sidebar called Manage Google and Manage Steam. Use these to associate your accounts first. Then you will be able to use these in the future.
  4. KaizenNeko

    Happy 2013! Updates n Stuff

    Well folks it's 2013. I've upgraded the board and all skins (logo is missing for now). I'm also trying out a new skin, but not the icons are stock and make no sense with the forums they are on.
  5. KaizenNeko


    I've been notice a large amount of spammers trying to register. Therefore, I am disabling registrations from within the forums. If you want to register, you can still use Twitter or Facebook. If you have registered recently and have not been authenticated by me, this is because the system likely flagged you as spam and I deleted all Banned registrations from the system. Please contact me using the contact form, my email, or via Twitter if this has happened to you.
  6. KaizenNeko

    New Captchas Added

    I've added new custom Captchas to the registration form. It now has a few math problems and some image recognition (identify the character shown). Fucking spammers.
  7. KaizenNeko

    Forums Upgraded

    One of the main reasons I took the board down for a few days was so I could upgrade it to the latest update. Why I didn't do this sooner, was I wasn't keeping an eye on updates until a few days ago. I happened to long on during some down time at work and found we were getting 15-25 connections from one IP range. I thought it was Colombian since that what WHOIS reports back. But it turns out it was Baidu's spider scraping the forums like a horny dog dry humping a leg. So to reduce their bombarding the site, I have IP blocked one of their IP ranges. That has cut the number of connections down to about 5, the most I've seen so far since doing the block.