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Ico May Cry

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As you gamers already know Devil May Cry and Ico are simply two diffrent games. However the new Soul Reaver can be simply summed up as this title. Soul Reaver 3 is trying to get that badass/coolness effect that Devil May Cry had. The game is trying (very very hard) to try and up its action level abd still keep the puzzles. As we know Ico was that annoying puzzle game where you had to take princess Yorda by hand and drag her around. (If I was there she would have gotten twelve feet of steel in the back). Now Soul Reaver 3 as i stated before is going for the action look but you still have those puzzels and trust me i hate puzzels. And the worst part is most of the puzzels are inspired by Ico. So basically the game will go kinda like this:

1 you see non reaved soul

2 you try to reave the soul

3 soul will not be reaved

4 grab soul by hand and run to nearest idol door while avoiding shadow deamons

5 soul begins to wander and do things you dont want

6 you kill the soul thus causing game over

7 and finally you burn the game for having stupid souls

As you can see this game will probally have a negative effect on you mental health and since were in the Asyhum that would be bad.

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Got some more info for the new legacy of kain here.Apparnetly both Kainand Raziel are playable characters. They both have swords for combat now instead of that punch punch kick kick. and telepathic abilities are now in the game. The telepathic powers can be used to attack move stuff or break stuff. All in all its developing nicely more to come later.

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