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Kane and ISH, since I didn't really say it...

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I'm starting a lot of posts called "Kane and <blank>," apparently. :P


Anyway, just to clarify, Insaney can use Kane's BFG, because much like Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd, his DNA is identical to that of his slightly-different-looking twin brother. This is only important because I wanted the Hunter to be as much like Kane as anyone but Kane can be, with access to all the special abilities that Kane would have (such as toting a BFG around and intending to use it).


That said (and since I didn't say it before and "if you have a plan and somebody screws it up, don't bitch about it" is the rule), it's still a good and/or funny bit that Insaney can't use the BFG in nameless's post, and that part obviously stays since I explained it away in a haphazard fashion. :P I realize now that I didn't mention that Insaney and Kane share the same DNA (since they're identical twin cyborgs, save that whole brain thing) after going on and on about how Kane's BFG is DNA-keyed, but...




well, hell, now it seems like an even better idea that Insaney can't use the BFG even though he's lugging it around. Forget it, we'll stick with not using it--Insaney not using it, that is. Thus the impromptu strikethru on everything I wrote up until now. The more I think about it, the more I like it. In the process of writing this post, I have changed my mind and deleted the "let's explain this in the way I'd initially intended" story post, which, by the time anyone reads this post, will be gone. :P Why did I leave the parts of the post that I decided to part ways with the intention of? I dunno, maybe to explain my thought process in arriving at the conclusion that was already arrived at by persons other than myself and also to poke fun at the fact that Judge Dredd doesn't look, act, or sound anything like his supposedly identical twin. :P


To conclude: everything is fine, nothing is ruined, I should explain myself better but am now happy that I didn't. ;)


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Actually, I think you did say it... kind of...


In Kane's profile you said: "Incidentally, since Kane's BFG is DNA-keyed, that means that only Kane (or perhaps his exact identical twin) can use it. :P"


So, I suppose you implied it...


But I figured it could be interpreted in a few different ways and since I didn't know they were EXACT genetic replicas I figured Insaney's DNA had to be slightly different (hell maybe he has some mutations from all of the inter-dimensional travel). So I took a risk and threw that in there, which I think worked out quite nicely :D.


So I'm glad I have your approval!! It's kinda funny because he kind of just lugs this, well, big fucking gun around for no apparent reason. Someone should have him throw it at someone or use it as a blunt object or something.






On that.


Would've liked to have seen Kane actually get eaten by the worm, and then heroically kill it from the inside, but that is the nature of collaborative fiction! And Sasuke's direction worked out for the best anyway...


-- nameless out

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