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Silent Hill

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This game is one of the scariest games ive ever play. The game should really set the standards for other survial horror games like Resident Evil. This is yet another ground breaking game to host an all 3-d environment. The controls could have been better (like useful sidesteping) but you can really manage. The graphics arent the best but for the setting for the game their perfect. The thing that makes Silent Hill just so damn good is the sound. The music goes perfectally with the mood and i just love that final boss music and lisas theme. To not keep playing this game would be a crime against the gaming community. And diffrent ending are all there to keep you playing. The over all package this game gives you is definately worth the 20 - 25 bucks its worth.



Grapichs: 5

Sound: 10!!!

Replay: 9

FunFactor: 7

The final say: 38

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Silent Hill 1, without a doubt, is the scariest game I have ever played. I had the foresight to start the series with the first game and I was in no way disappointed.


Silent Hill is called a surviver horror game... a term pioneered by Resident Evil. SH blows RE out of the water to the point where "Surviver horror" isn't even applicable anymore. Simply put, SH puts RE to shame.


Complaints are often lodged about clunky combat. whether intentional or not, it's perfect for the game. These are not perfessionals. Harry isn't a member of STARS and he isn't some sort of special agent. He's just a journalist looking for his daughter in the fucked up New England town of Silent Hill. IF he fought great, and had an easy time getting around though labyrinths of terror and fear, then the game wouldn't be nearly as relatible as it is. With its roots in semi normalicy, it's plot is the most believable of all the Survival Horrors out there. Harry has a steak in all this. he not there becasue he want's to be. He's not there simply because it's his JOB. He's there because it's his DAUGHTER.


The plots goes from that simple premice and unfolds into the world of the occult. From there it's nothing but a great ride.


As far as mechanics are concerned, for a PS1 game SH can't be beat. It's full 3d, with beautiflly rendered FMV scenes and wonderful Voice acting. Actually... there is a slight problem with the voices. Between parts of a reading, the dioloug will take ackward pauses, as if the people talking are waiting for us to read first. I've heard edited versions without the pauses, and they sounds fantastic. It's a shame that it distracts from the game play, when everything else is so well done. The enviorments are awesome and totally scarey. Normal silent hill is empty and desolate... terrifiying in that it stands normal even without the population to sustain it. Dark world is... simply beyond. that's all I can think of to describ it. It blows you away. Even Silent Hill 2 doesn't do as good a job at creating a fear enducing enviornment.


Sounds are used to the best of their ability. Aside from putting it into surround sound, there was nothing more that they could do. The sounds... not the monsters... are probably the scareyest part of the game. Nothing can compair to being snuck up on by a Mumbler and hearing the school girl like giggle/scream it shreaks when it bites into Harry's leg.


All of the monsters give you a start the first time through... and each of them has a special attachment to Alessa... whom is a critcal part of the story.


Riddles are the second part of SH. If being scared out of your wits wasn't enough, you have to then gather your wits and put them to use if you want to progress. Even if some of the puzzles are a bit... obscure, they make sense in the enviorment of silent hill. It is much more believable that weird riddles things would pop up in SH than in, say, RE. The most bizzare ones are reserved for Dark World, where anything goes as it is.


Music... I love love the soundtrack to SH. All of the SHs. Mixed with emotion tracks designed for Cut scenes and FMVS is a startling assortment of nerve grinding industrial fear mixes. Screching, pot banging, growls and yelps are all assempled into the most effective Soundtrack I've ever had the privilage to hear. The only song in the whole game I don't like is "Esperandote", which is the "bad end" theme.


Did I mention that? There are 5 endings. Two bad, two good, and one gag. All of theme are excellant (yes, even the bad ones), with the good ones extra nice, rewarding you for your effort in obtaining them.


It's not very long... 10 hours at most assuming you don't get stuck on a puzzle for too long. To compansate, it has multiple difficulties, and "new fear", which is like new game plus from final fantasy and CT. In new fear you can get bonus weapons, items, endings and other goodies. It also has seperate difficulty modes, so you can hone your skills and beat monster ass in style.


Which brings me to another point. SH is scary in easy mode, but not terribly hard. If you increase your difficulty, though, it gets exponentially harder AND scarier. Monsters will respawn, become faster, stronger, and smarter. It's truly terrifying.


Just as a bonus, I love the nurse monsters. I love Lisa the most, but nurse monsters are the best things ever. No contest.







Fun Factor:10!

The final say:43

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