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Busy, huh?

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Ain't complainin', just can't really relate being a lifeless, unemployed bum and all. I did have a job in the past, but I doubt it was even near the caliber of what some of you dudes have done and are presently doing.


Guess if there's gonna be a drought then I can't do anything to stop it. We had an amazing start, that's for sure.

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I!!!!!!! Am getting ready to write a post as we speak! And in true BOTP fashion I have no ideas whatsoever! No plans! So nothing can get screwed up! HA HA!



Also I'm going to write this now so that I can relax and do nothing except my Jabba impression. I.E. Sit in front of the tv, on a very comfy couch, and get over being sick...Ok I might go to Target and buy more Dr. Pepper...BUT THATS IT!



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