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[the following are random notes I took about glitched- starting with hair growth. Yes that's right.]


By the time gabe's growing process had been complete, nearly an inch of hair had grown on his head. While he was held unactivated while tests were being performed on his sister, it grew a bit more. No growth occurred while he was in cold storage.


When sara's growth was complete the length of her hair was about the same, but it was becoming a tradition after the type 4 elle to artificially increase the rate of growth immediately before activation so that the woman biosuit would have at least some hair. When Sara was activated, her hair was about chin length, looking something like a bob.


Gabe began to grow his hair out when he left the underground. He cut it short after leaving his sister in order to get work. Once he had a job established, he began to let it grow again. Aside from routine maintenance on it, it continued to grow until his death.


when Gabe was remade his hair was once again quite short, though longer than it had been when he was first activated, because of the length of time needed to manually sync his growth functions with his artificial 'skeleton' without the help of mother. It was somewhat shaggy when he was activated. He grew his hair out and began to keep it in a pony tail once war had broke out in europe. He let it grow extra long after that, usually in some sort of tie to keep it from sweeping the ground.


When asked why he likes his hair so long when there are a number of styles his uniquely cooperative hair would be perfect for, he said "It feels natural, and that alone makes it unique for me. So little else about me is natural, so why not just let my hair grow?"




Talk about starting new construction of biosuit, [spam], apex leads, cut to gabe and sara, gabe introduces, get to know,m start of infatuation. Lead into bill being reborn, stuff about him, what he is doing, what they have him doing. Some missions he has to under take, how he isn't stable anymore. His eyes.


Ambrosia introduced in meeting. she kills random dude, bill becomes infatuated with her, dangerously so. Show this.


Gabe leaves sara because things are getting awkward and he's tired of hiding from his problems. He's also afraid that he might lead apath to her. Returns to Neo Seattle. [learns who is in control of the underground. Sara knows but gabe doesn't really...? (double check this)]


decides to get involved with tracking what apath is doing outside the underground, begins to see there is a pattern to some movements and manages to track a meeting between apex and such and such.




Ambrosia is the production model biosuits. An entire line of command model, high production quality suits are built, in total 13 in the Type 7 line. Because of the high quality of the Type 7 the suits were later modified for mass production (first with a relatively inferior MPBS Type 8a, and then with a comparable, with some modifications, MPBS Type 8b and Type 8c.) Along with the Type 07, a new AI type was designed to replace previous 'lines' of AI. Previous suits had used dummy AI, and then modified dummy AI plus (Sara and Bill). Ambrosia had the Lucretzia Drive AI, which was used in the Type 08b and 08c MPBS (the type 08a continued to use the Dummy AI plus), as well as the Type 9a Alex. The plans for the Type 07 and the Lucretzia Drive were given to the Seraph Corporation as part of an agreement struck when it was discovered that Seraph's virtual environment simulators were decades ahead of anyone else in the field, including Apath, but they were only remotely useful in conjunction with cybernetically enhanced humans. Since the private sector as of 1992 hadn't emerged with mind machine interfaces, Apath stated that it would use Seraph's Dive Machines and forward them the test data they collected, and that once their BioSuits had reached the production phase, they would deliver blueprints for their mind machine interfaces and an AI that could drive them. Seraph survived on test data for nearly 4 years, and Apath managed to not have sold out their trump card by limiting Seraph from getting their hands on the real prize, the technology that allowed easy growth of blank biological systems onto cybernetic components. Therefore, most completely artificial FBS employed throughout Europe, Eurasia, and East Asia have something of Ambrosia's legacy in them. Either in the form of the specific type of mind machine interface developed for her, or in the form of her Artificial Intelligence.


Because of the lack of information on how Apath creates it's BioSuits, in terms of growing living fully grown tissue onto synthetic frames and cybernetic equipment, Seraph had to come up with a way to use the man machine interface they had spent so much to aquire. Their primary solution originated in donated tissue, brought back to life through the man machine interface that Apath had provided. FBS remain more artificial than even the very earliest of Apath's test models. The brains are kept alive by the FBS's internal power supply. Oxyigenators built into the head provide the brain with a more than adequate air supply, and artificial blood is circulated through to prevent the brain from dying. The brain is the only organic part of the FBS.


In the event of catastrophic body failure, ie when the brain is left intact but the unit is by and large destroyed, the head itself can survive for short periods of time due to internal backup batteries located in the head. After this short grace period, however, assuming the head is intact the brain will be 'frozen', basically preserving the exact state of the brain at the moment of death. The brain engrams and pathways can then be duplicated from the frozen brain and very well may be implanted in another FBS at a later date, rather than use a non-experienced 'person'.


FBS are mostly immune to chemical and biologicial agents. (UBs are immune the biological agents but chemical weapons are probably the biggest threat to survivability of UBS soldiers. Because of this UBS are sometimes seen to be carrying gasmasks and other breathing apperatus. Because of the advanced muscle control and capacity of UBS', gas masks are not strictly neccessary as many times any immediate threats will be delt with before breathing is neccesary. Skin contact is one of the most dangerous issues, though inhalation is probably the most deadly as was mentioned.




Sara lives in aremote village in greenland. There is verylittle about it that could be considered modern. Sara lives in atiny cabin with no company aside from ehrself. She was welcome into town initially but when the people began to discover how she was different than them they began to shun her. For her part she has withdrawn to the cabin and vintures into town only to get supplies. She owns a small buggy for getting her groceries and propane. She used to carry them herself but she found this disturbed the townspeople because of the distance and weight of the things she carried. The elaborate system of scars running along most of her major veins is a visual reminderof how different she is to many people. She does her best to hide them but aside from her face most parts of her body havve evidence of her failed viral activation. She enjoys wearing skirts but will wear opeque leggings with them. Whether she wears a short or long sleeved shirt she wears tall gloves that mask her scars. Often the only visual evidence is fro mteh few lines that touch her neck.




Wings are an idea started not by apex but by englemacht, an extension of her fetishism of the biosuits she designs. She is one of the first proponents of a system to mix biology and mechanics in apredetermined order similar to the primitive BLOCKSabres that had already been developed. She enlists the help of the Deep13to acomplish the previously unthought bio-mechanical exhanges, and finally succeeds in creating the block system wings that would become standard on most UBS constructed fro mthat point on. Not willing to abandon Engelmacht's flawed genius, Apex took the blockwings and made them a part of his personally designed suit type, the Type 07. The type 06 Bill was infatuated with the idea of being able to have wings and fly, but due to his poor standing i nteh organization, and Engelmacht's personal vendetta against Dr. Hung's creation, he was unable to get wings until he broke with Apath, and surgically removed the system fro mthe Type 07, and installed them on himself. The basic system did not change from inception to 'conclusion' with the type 09b, some having larger numbers than others. The Type 10 has no wings, simply superficial ones that are used as raw material for the viral transformation to the perfected Apocalypse Gun. The OmegaType uses it's full body colony of nanomachines to form wings (along with anything else), and has nothing to do with the block system design.




Plans for AlphaType given to engelmacht by apex in order to throw kink in the plans he is growing aware mother is under taking. does it in a way that he is not implicated. engelmacht thinks she's stolen the plans and that is why she keeps her activities aloof from mother.


MOTHER KILLSMEMORIES, apex finds out, kills alpha/omegatype program, removes self from command. Allow council to begin their war through inaction. Once it is apparent that Mother in pulling the strings and that she was planning not to let him reunit with his wive's memories passes along the incomplete copy of the alpha type to engelmacht. Engelmacht redesigns the plans to revive Gabe, who apex has implicitly left in charge of taking care of mother. Apex after seeing the destruction caused to the united states and the undergrounds total victory decides to try and take ocntrol again but is barred by mother. She is in control. She, under his name, reactivates the omegatype program. Apex manages to create a procreation limiter and as soon as mother activates the omegatype, biosuits are unable to procreate, among themselves or with humans. Echo then leads the BioSuit forces to overwhelming victory in europe, but as she prepares to spread to asia mother realizes the lack of procreation among her forces. As long as the omegatypeis active, her plan of forced destruction of the humans and using them to breed more biosuits can't be completed. She disco vers this for herself but can't figure out why apath's own dream of a peacful-ish genetic overtaking has fallen prey to repreduction self destruction on the part of both the males and female MPBS. She has echo return and replaces the woman with herself, leaving the deep 13 for the first time in her life. She approches Apex and quickly learns what he had done. Unwilling to return to the Deep13, she decides to purge apex, and what appears to be his hand, gabe. She then goes about destroying his friends and any other suit that could stand in her way, so she can take care of the limited problem without their interference. She attempts to turn both alex and bill, terribly wounding both of them. She kills Cherub, and it is only through gabe's intervention that she is prevented from using paradiso, the antibiosuit pathogen, from killing Spam. He is lucky to find that his being the Alphatype prevents the pathogen from working on him, but discovers is still affected the FBS army and is part of the reason they fell so quickly.




ProtoType 01 - A

ProtoType 02 - A Matt

ProtoType 03 - A John

ProtoType 04 - A Elle

CompanionType 05 - A Sara | B Gabe | C Kathryn

TestType 06 - A Bill

ProductionType 07 - A Ambrosia | B Jan | C | D | E April | F Mai | G June | H Juli | I Augusta | J September | K Octavia | L | M

MassProductionType 08 - A MPBS Series 1 | B MPBS Series 2 (Female) | B MPBS Series 2 (Male)

AdvancedType 09 - A Alex | B Bill

ExtraType 10 - A Gabe

OmegaType 11 - A Echo (Mother)


XXX FutureType -





virus system is alluded to. After gabe almost kills bill engelmacht tells him that the virus is what made his sister leave "I guess it runs in the family"

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