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Yo? Anyone home...?

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It's getting really close to the end, now, and I find the lack of activity a touch unsettling, yo. I'd like to state some high-hopes, but that may very well jinx the situation...


Really, I understand how busy some of your lives must get (especially in light of SB's fading appearances, since that guy must seriously be having it rough to have posted so little), but if you ever get a free moment, please, please, PLEASE consider trying to cook up something for ol' BOTP9. If you can't do that, then just take a small time-out to ask me to post something since I'm basically always ready and willing to post. You could even give me a scenario and I'd tried to work it out.


I really don't want things to keep going the way they are, but I don't want to poke and prod any of you if you're having a bad time of it with more important matters, but my statement stands of trying to dedicate some free time to BOTP9 if it ever becomes available.



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