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Averting a Short End

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Alright, folks, I originally wasn't going to voice this because I was afraid it'd discourage ya'll, but it'd probably be best if I said it now since poor ol' 9 can't get much worse at this rate.


Basically, I planned on writing a big post to wrap up BOTP9 if Saturday rolled around and things still didn't improve. The keyword here is 'planned'... if everyone pulled together and managed to bring this BOTP up to speed I would gladly support bringing about the 3rd month extension. However, such a thing happening is probably unrealistic, especially given how few people have been visiting the board as of late.


In the end, though, the decision should really be up to you guys, the posters, the ones who actually MAKE the story in the first place. Chances are I was never cut-out for the lead position I'm in, so my thought of sticking to schedule about this BOTP's end might be the worst thing that could happen. My thoughts when making the extension rule went along the lines of lengthening the fun, not the story. BOTP is a writing collaboration, yes, but I believe that it is more-so a game to be enjoyed by those who partake of it, so why extend something that no one seems to be enjoying? This is probably a depressingly negative thought, though, and it'd be better to think towards the idea of a lot of good things being able to happen in a month's worth of time, which would bring me great joy to see happen.


In any case, it'd probably be better if I got off my high-horse and left the outcome in your hands. If you guys think we should let this baby continue and you earnestly intend to contribute then go right ahead and make this baby a blast again. If not, well... don't let my negativity cloud your resolve. I really would love to see this thing become bustling once more.

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