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Glitched - Book 1 - Reactions Post n' Such

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Feel free to comment with new posted in the forums.


I can say that I've read the WHOLE thing, as least as far as the beginning to the rough of chapter 8 goes.


Stupendous stuff, man. I can really see how you're able to work personal experiences and your imagination together to create this excellent stuff, something I can't quite compete with given my sheltered lifestyle. My story feels like a pamphlet without pictures when compared to this immersing monster of yours, but I suppose I should best take a hint for that and get cracking on practicing things other than drawings of unclothed women.


The scenes between Gabe n' Engelmacht are great, which goes the same for the ones with him and Sara, and all the little technical tidbits you have here and there flow very nicely and don't seem out of place in my eye, and the way the story shifts between separate portions is also performed well, Bill's portions in particular being great in showing his ever increasing madness.


Seriously, this is looking good, yo. I kept getting thirsty while reading it, which is probably a good thing and thus should be taken as a compliment.

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