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I fucking hate the word Suhnezz. That's right the way PS2 bred fan-boys refer to the SNES. God damn son, we called it the ESS-IN-EE-ESS and the original as the IN-EE-ESS. And for that matter I hate the word Nezz.


I mean what's next calling the PSX the Pea-Sex? Calling the 3DO the Three-Dough? Calling Neo-Geo the NERGRAAAAHHHHHH!!!? Fuck trying to make works from acronyms that clearly don't SPELL anything, god damn this isn't the fucking "Man From U.N.C.L.E." which reminds me, they've remade every goddamnthing, why not that or the Derek Flint series?


I swear to god if I hear one more person say Suhnezz when referring to that 16-bit juggernaught of awesome...I'll stab someone with a sawn-off spork in the ankles until they cry out "Oi, stop that."



And no, this isn't a quote from Yahtzee...just heavily influenced by that awesome Aussie bastard. :NPC:

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