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Still alive. Or maybe drunk.

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So, anyhow, Sasuke was wonderin' where I've been, and that's been the same thing, home, work, and playin' gigs (I'm in a band, y'see). I've not been budgeting my time for making sure I get on to post, and it's totally my fault. I've been reading what's been posted and lurking about the boards since my last posts, but haven't posted anything.


I've been playing a lot of gigs lately, and since I'm an Irish singer, those gigs *generally* involve alcohol consumption. So I *generally* come home in, shall we say, a slight state of inebriation. :P Not always so drunk, but usually buzzed enough that I either forget to hop on and post something or just don't summon up the focus to do so. :P


I need to buckle down and actually set aside some time to post (like I'm doing now, at the very least, to say hello), which I'll definitely do. Tuesday (tomorrow) I've got a gig and Friday I'm mastering my new CD, so those days are out. So I'll see y'all Wednesday or Thursday night. ;)


Have a nice day!

The Insane Space Hunter

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Glad you finally posted something regarding your condition, yo. I'll probably be out on them same days due to givin' blood (Tuesday) and goin' over Sid's to watch some ghost huntin' thingy (Friday).


But yeah, it'd be nice to see posts become frequent again. I've been saying that a lot, haven't I...?

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