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Greatest Gumball Machine EVER. - IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVE

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So yeah, this is video game related, just give me a minute.


Okay imagine this: Me and my dad are setting up this little 3X12 pool. We put it up every year for the summer, except something was a bit different thid year; My dad had inadvertanly thrown the lining for the pool away the previous year. So that ment a trip to the potentially cheepest place in the tristate area:




Now, not being among the those you might call "white trash", I was not very pleased with the thought of going to the 'Ol Kmart.


Oh, how wrong I would be.


Not two steps in the door did I see the possibly the greatest sight ever held by man. Something transendent to anything will see in my life; my wife, my first child, nothing will out bid this experiance. Okay, I'm lying, but it was still pretty cool.


Just inside the door to the Kmart was an inconspicuous little gum ball machine. Well actually, it wasn't even that. It was one of those 50 cent toy despensers. That in itself was not all that special. But maybe you can see where I'm going with the name the machine held.


"Fantasy Jewlery"


Nothing, okay, I'll elaborate: The machine had a fairly detailed picture of most of the main characters from Final Fantasy 8. IT BLEW MY MIND.


"Fantasy Jewlery" Indeed. The picture had busts of Edea, Seifer, Squall, and Rinoa. It was great. The picture was admitablly not fantastic, it looked like medium grade fanart, but there was no doubt who these people were. I mean, Even the scars on Squall and Seifer were done right. It was really a sight to see.


It was kinda cool, but unfortunatly there machine didn't despense actually Final Fantsy Jewlery, just some general Fantasy gcrap. fF they had a Greiver ring (or Solomon's ring) or Squall's neckless, my entire quarter cache would be GONE. Sigh. My only regret is that I didn't have a camera with me.


Oh well. We went about our purchese as normal as we could, but I tell you, I spent a good ten minutes just looking at that machine. It was...the best day ever.

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