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Sword Bearer

Woo, looky its all different.

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Well howdy everybody :). Finally back! Or at least as much as I can be :P. Two jobs, and starting school next week...Yay :P. Sorry about my sudden disappearance during BOTP...Sometimes being so busy sucks...Well, anyway, I hope to be back much more often now.


So the big news for me, I gots me an Xbox 360 :). So those of you with gamer tags, look me up :). My tag is Vasin. So send me a friend invite, with a quick note that its you, and maybe we can play some Halo or something :). Good to be back yall!



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Good lord, man, your time away has given you an accent... a SMILEY accent.


Regardless, glad to see you finally got around to posting somethin'. Just try to give a warning next time life swallows you up and deprives you of everything but air :)

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