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Sword Bearer

This is totally, not, fair.

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Sorry, Sasuke, Badger gets the prize on this one...Sadly for Badger, the prize is a dirty sock. And the method of mailing it is that I try and throw in to him from my bedroom window and hope that the draft from passing eighteen wheelers will somehow carry it to him.


Yes! Mass Effect 2 comes out next week...I was so hoping to actually get to play it when I got it, but now it will probably just sit in my game drawer and collect dust for three months...Sigh :). All that, and I still have yet to beat Dragon Age. Actually my gaming comp hasn't really come on in a long while...Xbox is still too new and shiny I guess.


Although that is a good question...My Wii needs to have the dust cleaned off it someday. When does Other M come out? Or for that matter Mario Galaxy 2? Is Nintendo ever going to get back to making games that are actually worth playing?



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Yeah, Mass Effect 2 seemed like the kind of game you'd jump right onto. Looks good, but I don't have a PS3 or 360, and definitely not a PC that could play it.


As for the Wii, No More Heroes 2 comes out on the same day as Mass Effect 2. Probably not your kind of game, though. However, it is definitely my kind of game, and I will definitely be buying it.


Other M probably won't come out until later this year.

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