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Splosion Man.

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I haven't finished this one yet, but its an awesome platformer. I decided to download it after reading an article on IGN about how New Super Mario Brothers Wii shouldn't have claimed the title of best platformer of the year. I have to say, I'm throughly enjoying this one.


Basically you play a little dude who looks almost like he is on fire and can explode at will. This is actually how you jump :P. You can explode three times before needing to land and "recharge." You run through different levels of what seems to be an incredibly massive, possibly underwater, laboratory. Killing scientists and robots along the way, while freeing fuzzy test animals or some strange looking things.


The platforming, can be brutal at times. Most stages are designed so you literally only have a fraction of a second to respond and make it through the trap. I constantly find myself narrowly missing spikes and such, or dying and having to replay the trap again over and over, (die enough and you get the option to skip the level.) So be forewarned, you get this, you'll probably end up screaming at the screen at some points because its just friking hard.


If you like platformes, then jump on this one. Its really good and very funny, if you like insane exploding people who run around screaming things like Porkchops! And pretending to be an airplane.



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