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Book club: Worlds of Power - Mega Man 2

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We don't really have a book club but if we were to start one I would suggest to start with the official Mega Man 2 novel: Worlds of Power - Mega Man 2.


Read by James from Angry Video Game Nerd, this book is a fabulous mix between the complex events (but no trace of the actual story) of the classic Mega Man 2 on NES and the full writing skill of a 10 year old writing fan fiction.


My guess on the back cover:


This story takes place when the evil Dr Willy was once again a danger to the entire universe while Mega Man, the robot sent to stop him, became a real man in a freak cloning accident (hence the box cover).



My score:

4/10 for accuracy

2/10 on writing

9/10 on lulz and torture for the reader

Conclusion: The best way to strangle your inner child ever invented.

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