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So Firefox has apparently fallen from grace, yo

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It figures that the best and worst browsers apparently switched places over time.


Anyway, my main dilemma is that I'd like to watch stuff on ustream, y'know, live feeds. However, whether it is something natural, based on my browser (currently Firefox), or just because my computer is kinda old, viewing any live feeds causes my Page File Usage to rise and rise and rise. It got kind of unsavory recently when it had the PF Usage past a gig, about 1.14 gigs, actually, which is pretty close to as much my computer can handle before it has to start digging into reserves. I don't know what page file usage things are, really, but I don't think it can be good when having to end the process of one unresponsive Firefox, still keeping the PF usage a bit too high, nearly halves the page file thingies in use. To elaborate, 1.14 GB basically plummeted down to 535ish MB.


So yeah... any input, yo? Enlightenment? Recommendations? It's kinda lame when stuff like this happens.

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What Badger said. Or Internet Explorer 8...yes I know it's IE but this ain't IE6. It's my go-to browser when I have Firefox tabs set specifically for a purpose at the given moment and don't want to fuck with them at the moment.


Personally I don't really care for any other browser. I've got the add-ons I like and user regularly for Firefox and their equivalents for others are usually severely lacking. IE has some adequate web developer tools built in now, but add-ons generally once installed can not be REMOVED only DISABLED. Opera is "The Standards Browser" but I just don't like their widgetized add-on engine, serious why does my browser need a Spirograph panel? Safari feels like half-a-browser, and just seemed gimped that it has no add-on engine.


Also STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM GOOGLE CHROME. In their EULA they claim right to use or distribute anything you send using their browser for marketing purposes and they are automatically granted third party copyright ownership to it. Also it pretty much reports to Google every move you make on the internet for the purpose of delivering content to ad-sense advertisements based on your browsing activity.


SO...What I'd do keep Firefox. Disable all of your add-ons. Then start re-enabling them one at a time until you see the problem return (I'm going to assume disabling them alleviated the problem). Uninstall it and then carry on re-enabling the others one by one, still looking for the problem to crop up.


I'm going to hang on and see what Firefox 4 brings. Most of Firefox 3.5 and up's problems is that it has a overly bloated JavaScript engine which was meant to be rewritten from the ground up in the 3.5 and up releases. That didn't happen so their already bloated engine just got a bunch of crap added on top which is most of the reason behind the resource hog problem. Mozilla is saying they skipping Firefox 3.7 and concentrating their efforts on Firefox 4 and the new javascript engine.


I've had this happen to me before though I don't remember which add-on it was (but I want to say it was Java 6 rev13).


I've griped at length at the memory hog issue Firefox has since 3 came out, but what I have been finding is that I usually have a fuck tonne of tabs open. Sometimes to multiple video sites. Usually closing them out drops my memory usage drastaclly. Like right now I have a video open and my memory usage for Firefox is just over a gig of memory. Without it open it ran about 500 megs and that's having 15 tabs open over 2 windows.


That said, if yore LOOKING for a reason to ditch Firefox, other than it's bloatware with no add-ons, I've read on a few security sites that Firefox is the #1 most vulnerable browser on the Net. Safari being #2 (because of iPhone vulnerabilities), IE #3, and Opera #4...in which IE and Opera's percentages combined were less than 25% **Disclaimer I'm using percentages from one report and did not include Chrome in their report. I'm more using more as an example of what most reports are saying.**


My final advice is see if you can fix Firefox, give Opera a look, and don't rule out Internet Explorer 8. You could also give Safari a look too, but IMO it's is not worth getting worked up over, but is the only WebKit based browser I will ever talk about (unless I'm enlightened to a not-Chrome alternative for Windows).

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Thing is, I don't have a buttload of add-ons goin' on, and I never, ever, EVER get as crazy with tabs as you apparently do XP


Then again, this machine of mine is kinda old, so there's always the chance of that. The only add-ons I currently have going are Adblock Plus 1.1.2, AVG Safe Search (gasp), ChatZilla 0.9.86 (used only when accessing IRC chat thingies), and Java Quick Starter 1.0. I recall getting rid of a toolbar or two back when I was having memory problems and you gave me that add-on deactivation solution.


Anyway, if I should still stick with Firefox, I guess I will, though Opera will probably be the ideal browser if things still don't improve. If I'm going to watch ustream then I should probably just pace it, closing the tab and opening a new one so that the resource strain can cool off, yo. Thanks for the assist.

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