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A what-if deviation

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A what if story….



One of my more recent ideas prior to the large amount of work on the first glitch book would be that Gabe would temporarily become a teacher in a canadian private school. The reason for this was partially to figure out a way for him to make money, but the idea of him appearing for brief enough a time to still get to Neo Seattle seemed flimsy at best. The onus for me thinking up this scenario was my falling in love with a korean comic about romance between a teacher and student. Obviously, I was not particularly planning to have Gabe date a student, but I was very much enjoying the idea of being able to role play a teacher. I also had a small obsession with having a korean teacher that Gabe would get to know (a possible romance subplot.) This too obviously has some draw back, and developing it properly would have only delayed him getting to NeoSeattle. I the end, the lumberjack story made more sense, and was a little fun, and was temporary enough that it could seem viable. Gabe simply couldn't maroon himself while he had a mission to protect his sister, and it would be irresponsible for him to get tangled up emotionally while on that mission.


In writing this down, and thinking about the missing pieces for later Glitched books, I can't say it's impossible that it would show up. I think After deleting the important facts about him and his sister, Gabe might return to canada to try and start a new life. Doing this while dealing with the problem of abandoning his sister would be complex and possibly interesting, and would add another element to the subplot of Spam retrieving Gabe for the Underground. Engelmacht pressuring Apex to bring him back, and Apex curious about the long term feasibility of BioSuits in the real world, leading to his actual plans of slowly breeding biosuits into the population. I can't say it might go over as well as the 'main plot' but I think it would be an interesting diversion from the seriousness of most of the books. Even dune messiah was rather strange in it's deviation from the solid purposeful storytelling of the rest of the series, so if I thought the piece was strong enough there would be little to hold me back from indulging myself.

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A cyborg-murder-machine teaching little kids how to succeed in life? How positively delightful.


It does sound enjoyable, though. It's nice every now and then to observe something casual, free of explosions and copious bloodshed. Azumango Daioh usually comes to mind, and that was a series I found quite humorous. Side-stories like these can also help answer questions that normally can't be answered in the main series, such as reactions towards encountering a person and/or thing that is rarely or never seen in the main stories.


I'd go with it, yo. I mean, after figuring out everything else first, of course, but it sounds like a plan :banghead:

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After thinking it through a bit I may put it in as a few chapters in book 2. I liked the idea I came up with as for why. After saving his sister, but before deciding he wants to stop Apath... It's interesting and I think I'll investigate it a little.


Which I started doing actually cuz I was interested in playing with it :banghead:





The first bell rang and the students slowly made their way to their seats. Talking continued as always but in more hushed tones, the anticipation of a new teacher fresh on their minds. The first day of school was always and event of sorts, but the young adults had heard that the old history teacher, nearing the rife old age of 80, had final began to decline in health, and had relinquished the position he had held for nearly 60 years and settled into a well deserved if somewhat reluctant retirement. Friends had begun to reunite, and plans for the new semester had already begun to form. After several minutes past, the talk began to decent into less accommodating tones, wondering what had held up the teacher, if they had even found a replacement, and if home room were to be optional that year. This was stopped short by the door finally opening at 12 past the bell, a surpassingly tall man with shaggy hair briskly walking into the room, an attache case in hand.


They first noticed his height, which was rather tall, nearing but not quite reaching 182 centimeters. Next was that hair, black and shaggy, entirely unlike most teachers. The female students noticed right away his youthful good looks, well fitted suit, and confident gait. Last, they noticed a curious bulge in his left arm, his shirt and suit apparently cut to accommodate it.


The man placed his briefcase on the teacher's desk at the head of the class and opened it, pulling some rather stray looking papers out. At length he finally glanced up at the class, giving them a sheepish grin that reached his eye, behind rather thick framed classes.


"I have to apologize for being late. It's a rather bad way to start the semester, and my first no less, but if you'll bare with me I'm sure I'll get the hang of it."


They were a few scattered giggles and chuckles around the room, more at his expense than at any humor in his comments. He closed his case and turned his back to the room, finding chalk and beginning to write on the green chalkboard.


"My name Is Gabrial Mason." He wrote the name in large visible and utilitarian letters, pausing for a moment to insert a "Mr." between his first and last name.


He turned to the class again. "I'll be your homeroom teacher and the new Western Civ 2 instructor."


He placed his hands on the desk before him and grinned, "Pleased to meet you all."




After introductions and attendance had been filled away, he began his opening day lecture, more fully introducing himself and squaring away some of the procedure for the semester.


"So then, please if you would, call me Mr. Mason or if you happen to be one of the forgetful sorts, Mr M. I'm not all that keen on it, makes me feel old, but it's one of those traditional things that the faculty frowns upon if I don't observe."


The class remained silent, which he interpreted as a good sign.


"I suspect you all know the routine for home-room. I expect you to work and read and do whatever it is you need to do for the classes following. If I recognize some of you in my Wester Civ class, I'll be upset if I don't see you working and then find you haven't finished your work." He glanced around the class with cool eyes, "So be sure to use this time wisely."


He noticed a few nervous looks from the students and assumed they had his class and would need to remain on their toes.


"That said, I certainly don't expect it to be like a library in here. Feel free to converse with your fellow students, but I expect it to remain, in general, about school. Significant deviations will be delta with severely." He attempted to intone that he was being facetious, but from the looks some of the students gave him he realized he might have to be more straight forward until they got to know him.


He cleared his throat, continuing. "I expect to know ll your names by the end of the week. I have a rather keen memory I may learn them before that. Until the week is up however please give me a bit of leeway."


Stepping over to the window he shrugged his way out of his jacket and hung it on the coatrack standing there. He stretched a bit and paced back to the center of the board.


"Now, I suppose I should do a bit of a better introduction. Like I said, My name is Gabriel Mason. I was born in what is now NeoSeattle, in the United states. I've spent a great deal of time here in Canada, so don't expect me to go on some patriotic goose-step any time soon."


The elicited some more genuine laughter. Gabe relaxed a bit. Somehow he knew that he would be able to get along with these kids, but still some of the first day nerves remained. it was an experience wholly different from any he had undertaken before. He wanted to make a point of being honest and forthright with these students, and make it known that he was there for them.


"I am 25 years old. I've been blessed with eternal youth, but don't assume that I'm as naive as I might look." He thought wryly, the truth is I'm less than 10 years old, and I'll look 19 until the day I die.


He sucked his teeth and then lifted his left arm in the air. His shirt, lime green, seemed to be pulled tight around it, and a few murmurs sounded around he room as a heavily bandaged claw came into view. In truth, it was his prosthetic claw, badged to the point that it was hard to say what exactly was beneath the gauze, but distinctly NOT a hand.


"I feel it's in my best interests to be honest with you, and I expect you'd have questions, so I will tell you right away. Before I got my teaching degree, I was a member of the american armed forced. I had the bad luck of being wounded in war I'm sure you are all familiar with. My hand and arm was terribly burned, and not, well, you can see, I don't quite have the use of it. I have been however fitted with a special piece of medical equipment." He looked around the room with a sort of sad smile, attempting, despite his claims that he wanted to be honest, to pass off the fib as the truth "It is hoped that I might one day regain the use of my arm and hand, but I expect you will be adults yourselves before that happens. I assure you I am perfectly capable of accomplishing the tasks that I need to as an instructor, but I would appreciate some tact from all of you."


The students looked rather taken aback by the first day revelation that he had been in a war. Canada had managed to largely stay away from the quagmire that had plagued the united states for nearly two decades, and the general exposure to Veterans was much lower than in that other country. While the story itself was a fib, long ago crafted by Gabe to explain his often hidden arm, it did reveal a truth he would not otherwise be able to share, that he had been in battles, and had killed men.


He lifted his hand and scratched his chin sheepishly. "If there are any questions you might have, please feel free to ask them. I will use my own discretion at answering them." He smiled and looked expectantly around the class. His eyes fell a bit when silence reigned. About ready to give it up and let the students socialize for the rest of the hour, he saw a flicker of motion and saw a pretty young girl in the middle of the room with her hand up.


"Yes, Naomi?"


The girl looked surprised that he had remembered her name and flushed a bit, "Ah, are you married Mr. Mason?"


The class broke into laughter and Gabe had to wave his hands a bit to quiet them down , "Now now! Haha, no, I am not married. In fact I just moved into this town last week for this position so I'm rather isolated a the moment. Once things settle down and i grow accustomed to this place I'm sure my search for love will begin in earnest."


Many of the girls in class laughed at that and a few of the boys awkwardly laughed themselves. School was, after all one of those placed young adults first searched for the companionship of another person.


One of the boys raised his hand and Gabe called out to him "Yes Ben?" the sharp memory was less surprising that time but naomi looked visibly disappointed.


"What was the war like?" there was an intake of breath and one of the girl hit him in the back.


Gabe pursed his lips, "War is a very terrible thing. Sometimes it is necessary, but often it is not, and anyone telling you differently is probably lying or deluded." His thoughts turned to his own battles, "Many times you fight simply because you are put into the situation where there is no other choice. You do things you wouldn't want to, but have to. I think we can all agree that war is not going away any time soon, but as young adults soon to be major parts of the world around you, I would urge you to at any point possible minimize the possibility of starting a fruitless war." He smiled roguishly, attempting to regather some of the festivity from earlier , "For those of you in, or who end up taking my class, you will be intimately aware of these things throughout our history."


The question well seemed to have dried up after that, and Gabe took a seat and allowed the class the rest of the hour to talk among themselves. He glanced at the clock thinking, I wonder if I can do this?



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Pretty sure I had commented on this to you personally in a messenger (probably AIM) when you first posted this... nearly six years ago, ugh, but it bugs me that I hadn't left anything here then, sooo... let's change that now that I've reread it after all this time.


Still interested in seeing more, yo. It's a pretty engaging angle, putting Gabe in a situation where he needs to deal with adolescents and the range of actions adolescents have, being in an impressionable and somewhat confusing part of their lives and all. He'd have to come up with solutions to the kinds of responses he'd get from his students, as well as coping with the consequences of those solutions, and this is something I can see him having some potential trouble with given the more stubborn (and violent) people and events he's experienced prior leaving little room for working things out with words. Things have a good enough start here, but the school year can bring out all kinds of things, and not always of the enjoyable persuasion.


... Mind, this is all said assuming this aspect of the story has been retained. Been a while and all, ha ha... ha... agh.

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