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We must return her to her former glory! - Viva La DAAAM!

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It's been far to long of a time since the last update to DAAAM.


Update? I meant to say post. This is a forum, people! Talk for christ sake!


With that out of the way, I give you my All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl NukuNuku review.




All Purpose Cultura--




Fuck that, NukuNuku.


Anyway, NukuNuku is a fairly short anime series about this robot cat girl Nuku Nuku. You see, there's this kid, Ryunosuke, and his dad, Kyusaku, who are on the run from his mom and his dad's wife (duh). Anyway, on the run, the kid finds a cat, but in the subsequent chase the cat is killed. Well, did I mention that the dad is a semi mad scientist? Well, since Ryunosuke is so broken up about the cat, Kyusaku decides, hey, what the hell, why don't we put the cat's brain inside of the android he's created.




Anyway, the six episode series follows the various adventures of this slightly off family.


In it's original form, that is to say, when it was broadcast, I do believe there were two different... seasons. Either that or two seperate OVAs. I say this because the focus and the tone of the whole series shifts in the second half.


While there is the almost obligitory new intro/extro sequence, it is... almost sad how the second part changed the show. The first three episodes were... hmm... I dunno, unique almost. The characters certainly possesed more personality. There was almost a light hearted feel to everything, and the fanservice was, at best, a cursory effort. Which, for a show such as it is, was best. However, the second... "season" shreds that. The episodes are completely random, the fanservice is blatant and gratuitis, and everyone seems to want to have a bought with NukuNuku.


Bear in mind, Nuku isn't the brightest girl in the world, having a cat brain and all, but fuck, they have at her in the second half, like they just said "hey, we need someone to be mad at her in this ep..." "but who?" "how about the family who's supposed to love her and shit?" "Of course!"




Anyhow... The animation is great... everything is nice and smoth, it's above standard fare for it's time, 1992. It looks much more recent... I'd peg it at 94/95. Actually, the animation quality reenforces my thought that it's an OVA...


The dub is very good, Tiffany Grant (Asuka, amoung others) has a supporting role, and Alison Keith (Misato, amoung others) plays Nuku, and does a damn good job at it too. On the japanese side, I didn't recognize any names except for Megumi Hayashibara, who's the veritable goddess of anime, having had close to... at least a hundred roles in her career, as well as an accomplished signer and all around jpop girl... Wait, what was I saying? Oh, Megumi play Nuku in the Japanese Dub. Just to make another Eva reference, she played Rei in the Japanese version, as well as singing the Intro song "Thesis of The Cruel Angel" and several versions of the end song "Fly Me To The Moon".


Music is all good, if not particularly memorable. I'm trying to summon a tune to myself and find myself at a loss to do so.


The DVD itself runs fine and, if I may say so myself, it has a kick ass menu system. It looks like a Mac OS 7 desktop (which was used around the time the anime was made). it's all very fun to use, and there's no animated transitions, which I love. Fuck animated trasitions.


The extras aren't so good. Besides an art galery which, amazingly enough, actually has some original art, insted of just stills from the animation. Other then the required clean opening and closing, that's it, which is disapppointing because there's nothing else to the series. Box art is nice, as is the little insert, but it's nothing to write home about.



Animation 9

Plot 8/3 (8 for the first half, 3 the second)

Music 6


Video Quality 8 (what you would expect for it's age)

Cover Art/Disc Art 6 (reused images, flimsy insert)

Menus 10! (OS 7. Fuck you, I'm biased)

Extras -3 (what is this shit? They couldn't even get some production sketchs)


Anime overall: 7.5 (above average, but with some quirks)

DVD overall: 5.5 (Worth getting, but low on frills and anything a DVD is good for)


Final say: 7.5 ( It's worth the 20 bucks I payed for it)

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I would post more if I knew more animes to talk about. After all, I'm just restricted to what CN and the Action Channel can offer, which isn't necesarily much.


As for the NukuNuku part, I like the robot bit, but that's as far as it seems to interest me, aside from the smoothe animation. I'd want to save my cash for other stuff anyway, though I don't exactly know what...

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