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I'm baaaaaaack............ to education

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Today was the first time in what's probably been more than a year that I've gone to the college for the sake of attending classes, as opposed to previous visits which were just that: visits. I'm takin' Intro to Sociology and College Algebra & Trigonometry, yo, though none of ya'll probably give a rat's ass.


Anyway, yeah. First day back wasn't too bad. Things are definitely gonna be packed, what with it being a 5-week session and all, but I should be able to pull it off.


... I should probably be posting this in my LJ or something, but the IU forums just feel so desperate for activity. Where has Sword gone (again)? And why do you still insist on lurking, ISH? Wouldn't hurt to just say 'hi' every now and then, would it?


*hours later*


And hey, now I'm getting ready for day 2. I guess this is what happens when I leave a message in progress, forgetting to post it like a moron.

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lol, sorry. I'm also getting ready to restart school. I took an art class last semester, which was fun. But hopefully come this fall I'll be starting my first classes towards a psychology degree...Yeah, games would be fun...But I think this is a better fit for me.




P.S. Another reason why I haven't been around...Laziness. That is all.

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