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F-Zero GX review - fast

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Description: take 30 magnetic cars, put them on magnetic racing tracks and you have F-Zero GX. You have no sense of up and down since gravity is not always part of the race. The only way to be first are your extreme driving skills, attack others by using tackle moves and taking advantage of boosts on the road and boosting at will draining your shield. There is 15 tracks ( 5 by passing the first 3 cups at normal and 5 from the arcade version), a story mode with Captain Falcon and create you own car. Other than that, you can save replays from Cup races, ghost cars from time attacks mode, customize at each race your car by changing the top speed and acceleration, put stickers (and make your own) on cars and speaking of cars, there is about 40 of them with unique statistics.


Graphics: Since it not a stupid port from PC or PS2, the game is beautiful and have the classic style of sega (very cool). There is no flaw unless if you think the cars must have a lot of polygons like Grand turismo. It a racing game, not a Car game. (I'm only saying this because of a stupid kid on the bus)(don't worry, he met his bully friends when he got out) One last thing, since a car have a lenght of 10 meters and the speed is around 1000 kilometers/h (I don't know if you understand the metric system) it only feels sometime like 100km/h in proportion, but you can boost up to 1600 and more so...(fast).


Music: 1 music for each "world" (one world can have more than 1 race track) that changes at each laps (very cool) + 1 music for each car = 1 per story that's not in any normal world. So there is a lot of different music of different styles and they are all at high quality.


The most important part

Gameplay: Wow! This game is not for me because you need to be a good at racing games. I suggest renting it first because you wont have any help from ActionReplay any time soon (they need to do a new version)(already)(more than 30 couple of codes for the master code and it still not working). There is tons of stuff to unlock like parts for the custom car (about 50) depending of difficulty(including at master difficulty that you need to unlock too), cars to unlock, 10 tracks and testers ghost cars. Theses helps you a lot at praticing courses and prolonging the game play value.


The story mode is great. All tracks are made only for missions like collect all posd, race against someone on a track with rolling boulders and you're in a straight line tube (you can go on walls and the ceiling too)(magnetic) with closing doors and you have to escape in 50 seconds. All story chapters have 2 FMVs but they are not that great (Sega is not that good in making good stories).


The physics are great (the team AV made that game)(see Monkey Ball). With enough speed you can get off the track, fall and die if your up side down or on the sides (90Ã?Æ?ââ?¬Å¡Ã?â??Ã?° angle). It's very hard to explain the feel of magnetic tracks and alternate gravity but trust me, it's good. There are thing you would have never seen before in a racing game like a mobius ring, haft pipe, a normal track with a pipe track going trough it.


I might have missed something but i can't think of any thing alse to say.


Music: 9/10

Graphics: 8/10 (lack of polygons on car and a rare visual glitch, try to find it yourself)

Gameplay: 9/10 (can be hard to many)

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Since it not a stupid port from PC or PS2, the game is beautiful and have the classic style of sega (very cool)


I think I may be interperating that wrong... Nintendo developed F-zero GX, right?



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1 word: Triforce

3 words: Nintendo, Namco, Sega

2 arcade games with GC version counterparts: Namco with Starfox and Sega with F-Zero


But I think that both games are partially produced by Nintendo.

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