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Hey, look, it's already September.

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Several years from now and I'd be having a breakdown from having to go back to school :ct-cronoshock:


(not really, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be thrilled about it all)


But yeah, time's going too damn fast. We're already, like, three months away from the approach of 2011. Why aren't things at the pace they were when we were kids, yo? Does our perception of time speed up as we age? Is that why old folks talk and act so slow, yo?


I'm hardly a senior citizen, but getting older still sucks. It always has sucked. There are exceptions, yes, but the majority leans towards suck.


This post brought you to by the inability to start an intelligent conversation so just bitching instead

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I'll GET OVER IT when there's a COOL BREEZE to GET OVER, which thankfully there have been a few.


Not for long, though, say the meteorologists.


Maybe instead of telling me to get over my complaints you could, say, insert something to get an actual conversation going here. Otherwise things are probably going to devolve into us insulting each other over nothing :ct-cronoshock:

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