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Pic Problems?

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'Bout over two weeks ago (freakin' time flies) I noticed that something seemed to be funny with attachments. Prior to that, I also noticed that pictures in the gallery could no longer be zoomed in, even with the magnifying glass.


I think it might have something to do with the last adjustment that was done to the boards in terms of look and feel. When I try to attach something to this post now, I hardly get any confirmation (only in the form of the little browser bit that says when the window/tab is 'Done' loading). Also, there are two spaces for attachments, which I don't recall. I know that prior to the last board adjustment Neko had fiddled with the gallery to make it so that zooming in could be done by clicking the pic itself, but both that AND the magnifying glass, the original means to do so, don't seem to work.


Anyone else having this issue? Or is it just me?


Probably should've mentioned all this sooner...

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